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Travel &Tourism Diploma

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If you have ambitions to expand your horizons by pursuing a career in the travel industry, then this excellent-value online diploma is the perfect way to set the wheels in motion. There are many different career routes you can take in the booming travel and tourism industry, many of which involve the chance to travel yourself.
What Will I Learn?
Excellent customer service is of paramount importance in all areas of the travel and tourism industry, as after spending their hard-earned money, clients justifiably have high expectations of their much looked-forward-to trip. You’ll also learn about the different aspects of the tourism industry, tourism planning and development, tourism policy and strategy and much more. No formal qualifications are needed to do the diploma, but a love of travel and a friendly, professional manner are prerequisites.
How Does the Course Work?
All study takes place online at a time and place of your choosing. This makes this diploma a great choice for career changers who need to fit learning around their existing personal and professional commitments.
Progress through the easy-to-engage with modules to get on the fast track to becoming a travel and tourism professional.
Get an introduction to travel and tourism covering different aspects of the industry and the different career prospects it offers.
Explore the crucial subject of customer service, including understanding customers’ needs and dealing with issues effectively.
Gain an insight into ways to develop your travel and tourism career including getting started, directions to go in, the skills you need to progress and opportunities to travel as part of your job.
Take a closer look at the various sectors within the industry, how to get started in them and the potential issues you may encounter.
Learn about what is expected of you in a tourism management role.
Explore how to meet the expectations of tourists and how to manage when products or services can’t be supplied.
Find out how marketing is used within the travel and tourism industry.
Gain an understanding of how social media works within the travel and tourism industry and how to use it to your advantage.
Find out what tourism policy and strategy is, how to implement it and the role you play as a professional.
Learn the basics of tourism planning and development including your part in the process, dealing with issues and turning negative situations to your advantage.
Get to grips with the emerging area of eco-tourism.
Learn about the basics of working with both long and short haul destinations.
Gain an insight into the important area of domestic tourism and selling the UK market abroad.
Learn about current trends in the travel industry and how identify trends in order to take advantage of them
Finally, get an overview of common issues that arise within the industry and how to anticipate and deal with them.
All study takes place online in your own time.
Online technical support is available, should you encounter problems.
After signing up, enjoy access to the modules for 12 months.
Work at your own pace, with the freedom to recap modules whenever you like.
Complete the course in 8-10 hours plus half an hour for the test.
Studying the comprehensive syllabus of the Travel & Tourism Diploma is a great way to improve your prospects for finding rewarding work in this exciting industry.
Let your travel career take flight by signing up to the Travel & Tourism Diploma today.

Units of Study
Introduction to the Concept of Travel and Tourism
Customer Service within the Tourism Industry
Career Development within the Industry
Sectors in the Industry
The Fundamentals of Tourism Management
Understanding the Reasons for Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism Promotion
Social Media and Tourism
Understanding Tourism Policy and Strategy
Tourism Planning and Development
The Emergence of Ecotourism
Long and Short Haul Destinations
Domestic Tourism & the UK Market
Current Trends in the Travel Industry
Travel and Tourism Issues to Contend With

Course Details

Qualification = Other external awarded qualification

Awarding body = CPD

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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