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Transport Management Diploma

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This affordable transport management training course is packed full of content aimed at anyone looking to work in the transport industry in the UK or abroad. You’ll learn about being a successful transport manager, freight and passenger transport, and transport by land, rail, air or water.
On completion of this course you’ll receive a Transport Management Diploma Certificate, which will show you have the knowledge necessary to move up into a transport management role in the future. Whether you have worked in the transport industry before, or have been in management in another sector but would like to switch to this industry, or want to embark on a whole new career, this course offers a flexible online training solution.
What Will I Learn About The Transport Industry?
This training course is split into easy to digest modules in management, aimed specifically at the transport industry. You’ll learn about the business sectors that need transport management services, national and international regulations, and safe operating of freight services. You’ll also be introduced to some of the challenges of the industry that you may face in a management role.
How Will This Course Help Me Become A Transport Manager?
Along with details of the transport industry and general operational processes, you’ll also learn more about transport management, and the skills you’ll need to become a successful transport manager. As well as mastering all the rules and regulations, and the structure of national and international transport services, you’ll pick up knowledge on best practice, so you can control an efficient operation in the future.
With an overview of different types of transport, and specific challenges facing them, it can also help you decide where you would like to take your transport management career in the future, and which area of transport you’d like to work in. Whether you are starting out in the sector, or would like to build on your existing experience, you will find value in this comprehensive e-learning package.
Work through the 10 modules to gain a thorough grounding in the transport industry, its trends and challenges, and how to be a successful transport manager.
Define transport management and its key principles.
Look into the challenges that the transport industry faces in the long and short term.
Find out which industry sectors need and use transport management.
A look at the road and rail infrastructure in the UK, and the organisations involved in managing them.
Become familiar with the UK’s travel infrastructure, such as ports, airports, and waterways.
Learn the definitions used in road freight haulage.
Understand the role and responsibilities of a road freight transport manager.
Find out more about passenger transport on the roads, and how you can get the relevant licences or bid to operate public transport routes.
Understand rail services and their management and franchise operators.
Learn about the rail freight industry.
Get to grips with inland water and port management, and the organisations involved in ocean freight shipping.
Study an introduction to airline management and the role a transport manager plays.
Learn about the factors involved in aviation route planning.
Find out how a transport manager can achieve best practice.
Gain an understanding of the trends and challenges affecting the transport industry.
Learn more about strategic management in the transport industry.
Understand why health and safety is so important in the transport industry.
Discover how a transport manager applies health and safety regulations.
Get to grips with standard health and safety regulations.
Go into the detailed specifics of transport management, such as documentation involved in different processes, and specific tasks for different transport sectors.
Learn more about the different organisations and stakeholders involved in the travel industry.
Gain valuable insight into the health and safety element of transport management.
This course will help you decide which area of transport management you’d like to work in.
Gain a diploma to demonstrate your knowledge of the transport sector to potential employers.
If you fail to gain the required pass mark, you can retake the test as many times as you need to.
Open to anyone interested in learning more about transport management.
Improve your chances of securing a position as a transport manager.
A convenient training solution for businesses in the transport sector.
Units of Study
An Introduction to Successful Transport Management
The UK’s Travel Infrastructure – Road and Rail
The UK’s Travel Infrastructure – Waterways, Ports and Airports
Road Freight and Transport Management
Passenger Road Transport and its Management
Rail and Transport Management
Transport Management for Ports and Inland Waters
Transport Management for Airlines
Trends, Challenges and Best Practice in Transport Management
Transport Management and Health and Safety

Course Details

Qualification = Other external awarded qualification

Awarding body = CPD

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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