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Warehouse Management Diploma

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This great-value warehouse management diploma course is ideal for anyone keen to pursue a career in warehouse management. The comprehensive training will equip you with the necessary skills required to work in any kind of warehouse in the UK, and is delivered completely online for ultimate convenience and flexibility of learning.
Who Is The Warehouse Management Diploma For?
There are no prerequisites for this course so it is open to anyone who would like to develop a career in warehouse management. While it’s not necessary to already have a job in a warehouse to take the course, it will be hugely beneficial to warehouse workers who want to work towards promotion, or to those who already have a degree of warehouse management experience and would like to develop and formalise their skills with certification. This course is also a hassle-free training solution for businesses who need to train staff in the principles of warehouse management.
What Will I Learn On The Warehouse Management Course?
Starting with the basic principles of warehouse management, you will progress to learning about all the different facets involved in successfully managing a warehouse using today’s modern business structure, equipment and other technology. Areas covered include processes, picking, inventory management, stock control and management, the functions and processes of supply chains and how to optimise them, staff management, health and safety issues, and cost control.
Work through 10 modules of comprehensive course content, then take a final exam in warehouse management (included) to achieve certification.
Learn about the basic principles of warehouse management.
Discover the latest technology and trends in warehouse management.
Get started with warehouse premises.
Find out how picking fits into warehouse management.
Learn how to manage a warehouse inventory.
Focus on controlling, verifying and reporting stock.
Learn about inventory and supply chain in a warehouse.
Get an insight into managing staff.
Build confidence with warehouse-related safety issues.
Study warehouse cost management.
This affordable course gets you off to a flying start in your warehouse management career.
The worksheets and activities in the modules are designed to appeal to a wide range of learning styles.
Successful completion of a multiple-choice test will result in the awarding of your downloadable diploma.
Open doors to a career in warehouse management.
An ideal purchase for businesses looking to invest in management training for warehouse staff.
Completing the course proves to potential employers your commitment to your career in warehouse management.
Units of Study
The Basic Principles of Warehouse Management
Technology and Trends in Warehouse Management
Warehouse Processes
Picking and Warehouse Management
Managing Warehouse Inventory
Controlling, Verifying, and Reporting Stock
Inventory and Supply Chain in a Warehouse
Managing People in a Warehouse
Safety in a Warehouse
Warehouse Cost Management

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  1. Lopes

    Its a great course. I really recomment that.

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