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Transitions Primary to Secondary School

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The transition to secondary school can be a tough time for youngsters. Going from the fun, almost nursery like settings of primary school, to a school with people ranging from 9 to 16 years old can be a daunting prospect.

The move to secondary school means a number of major changes for children. Some children feel settled and happy in the new school relatively quickly, but others take a while to adapt to the new routine and environment. This is especially true of children with learning difficulties and those who are also experiencing physical and emotional changes. Understand the experience of moving from primary to secondary school and know how best to support children at this time. Learn about key transition difficulties and how to alleviate fear and teach resilience.


  • You will know the main differences between primary and secondary schools
  • At the same time as a young person is moving to secondary school, they are often starting to go through puberty. You will learn about the physical, emotional, and social effects of puberty.
  • You will learn about supporting the needs of pupils and their families when moving between educational settings.


  • If you work at a primary school, you know how to prepare pupils for the move and set expectations. If you work at a secondary school, you will know how best to prepare for the new pupils and settle them into the new learning environment. This course will also be useful for parents and carers of children who are anxious about the transition.
  • The term transition can also to a pupil transitioning to a new gender identity. This course offers advice and guidance on how to support a pupil at this time and meet their needs.
  • Additional activities encourage you to reflect on your learning
  • There is also suggested extended reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge

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