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Primary Maths Grade 1 – 3A



As the leader in the European Programme for International Student Development (PISA) report into the academic outcomes of European countries, the successful Finnish method of teaching maths to young children is attracting attention in other nations. This great value online collection of course material is designed to give UK children access to this ground breaking new way of teaching maths.
What’s Different About It?
Learning is made fun and relevant by putting the child’s individuality at the centre of the course content. Children learn through specially designed interactive puzzles and games that focus on the mathematical situations children encounter in their day to day lives. This ensures learning is practical and easy to relate to the real world rather than purely theoretical. With 321 math! 3A, the focus is on Addition and Subtraction with Numbers up to 100, Multiplication and Division, Numbers up to 1000 and Geometry.
How Does It Work?
Access to the content is online, meaning children can learn at their own pace at a time and in a place that works best for them. In addition to the engaging games and puzzles, kids stay motivated by receiving rewards when they successfully complete tasks.
Work through the lessons to learn and consolidate maths skills.
Addition and Subtraction with Numbers up to 100
Start with exercises on counting up to 100.
Work through a lesson recapping the meaning of digits in the decimal system.
Work on tasks on summing numbers to full tens.
Practice adding numbers to 100 and subtracting numbers from 100.
Recap subtracting from 100 using graphs, reading and analysing data from tables.
Consolidate adding and subtracting knowledge with puzzles.
Explore addition and subtraction through word puzzles.
Focus on new skills and have a go at the lesson which verifies what has been learned.
Learn how multiplication fits into daily life.
Revise multiplication tables.
Learn about the commutativity of multiplication through puzzles and exercises.
Focus on the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables through fun exercises.
Learn about the order of operations.
Solve multiplication problems through word puzzles.
Try some more puzzles and games before finishing with the verification lesson.
Begin with an introduction to division.
Learn about the names of different elements of division.
Focus on dividing by the numbers 2-5 and 6-10.
Explore how division and multiplication relate to each other.
Focus on quotative division.
Get an introduction to division using a fraction bar.
Learn about division with remainders and practice some examples.
Solve some word problems relating to division.
Explore some more puzzles and games then undertake the lesson to consolidate learning.
Numbers up to 1000
Take a look at numbers up to 100 as they appear in the world around us.
Learn about hundreds, tens and ones.
Discover how to use a number cube to read and compare numbers up to 1000.
Learn how to compare and sequence numbers on a number line.
Learn to analyse numbers by factoring them to hundreds, tens and units.
Have a go at adding numbers up to 1000 without crossing the threshold of ten.
Learn to add numbers with three digits.
Explore subtraction from 1000.
Practice column addition skills.
Learn about addition and subtraction with regrouping.
Learn to verify subtraction using addition.
Find out about column addition with zero as a digit of tens or units.
Try some word problems before moving on to some final puzzles and games and the verification lesson.
Start by taking a look at the shapes we find in our day to day lives.
Take a closer look at 3D shapes.
Explore acute, right and open angles.
Learn about acute, obtuse and right angled triangles.
Find out more about quadrilaterals.
Discover the concept of symmetry through fun exercises.
Find out how to calculate perimeter by measuring the length of a shape’s sides.
Learn how to calculate area as the number of unit squares in a shape.
Explore some more puzzles and games and complete the verification lesson.
Study on all your internet enabled devices, 24/7.
Technical support is available if you encounter problems.
Access to the course content is for 12 months from sign up.
The course content is tailored to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning.
Adaptive exercises can easily be adjusted to the pupil’s own level.
ICT skills are incorporated and a positive attitude and active role in everyday maths and mathematical thinking are embedded in the multisensory course content.
A child centred approach is at the forefront of all activities.
Rewards on completion of tasks encourage children to stay motivated.
Discover the state of the art fully interactive demo lessons before you sign up.
Using this new approach doesn’t just increase success, it instils an enjoyment of maths.
Makes maths success happen by signing up to 321 math! 3A.

Units of Study
Addition and Subtraction with Numbers up to 100
Numbers up to 1 000

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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