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How to Succeed at Graduate Interviews

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Increase your chances of making a smooth transition from higher education to professional life with our online How To Succeed At Graduate Interviews course. Graduating with a good degree is an achievement to be proud of, but the harsh reality is that when it comes to nabbing the best jobs or even internships, you’ll be up against many other equally well qualified candidates.
How Will I Learn?
The format of this course is different to the tutorials and lectures you’re used to, but its practical nature means learning is easily absorbed and you can access it wherever and whenever you want over the 6 months you’re signed up for. So once you’ve digested its 10 chapters, you can go back to them as you prepare for that all-important job interview.
What Skills Will It Teach Me?
These days, most graduates have worked part time or completed work placements and aren’t completely new to the jobs market. However there’s a huge difference between getting a part time job in the holidays and being offered a coveted graduate role. Our top recruiters from household name companies like KPMG, John Lewis, Centrica, Arriva and Connexions are here to give you the inside track on exactly what they’re looking for when interviewing for graduate positions. They will also share their experiences of the mistakes and no-nos they’ve witnessed, meaning there will be no chance of you spoiling your chances by making a similar silly slip up!
Avoid being one of the many graduates with poor interview skills by gaining valuable job-winning expertise.
Some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do from childhood. For others it’s more complicated. Start by having a serious think about what direction you want to take in your chosen career.
Your CV is your one chance to get onto that first interview shortlist pile. Make sure it doesn’t let you down.
It’s not enough to take deep breaths and hope for the best. Our Interview Preparation section guides you through everything you need to do in advance of the big day.
Make sure you recap on our Interview Questions chapter before each interview so you’ll be ready for everything they might throw at you.
Things don’t always go to plan. Find out about typical interview problems and how to deal with them.
It’s not just about your answers. Recruiters are routinely met with mumbling or silence when they ask the interviewee if they have any questions. Make sure you do, and that they’re appropriate, intelligent ones.
The interviewer may be in charge but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your role in closing the interview. Find out how to handle goodbyes.
Our Dealing With Job Offers chapter advises you on this exciting but sometimes fraught area.
Before summing up with our final advice, take on board our chapter on negotiating salary to make sure you get the package you deserve.
Get savvy on what employers want to see and hear from you at interview.
Find out what it takes to make your CV a dead cert for the shortlist.
Learn how to stand out from the fellow graduate crowd and shine in any interview or presentation.
Nerves are natural but they can be devastating to your career prospects. Find out how to control them, rather than the other way round!
First impressions count. Explore how to make a good one and use it to build rapport with your potential employer.
Everyone’s heard an interview horror story. Make sure you don’t come home with a new one to amuse your friends with!
The course has been featured by the BBC and the Daily Mail and has had rave reviews on Amazon.
The package is endorsed by top recruitment agencies including Reed and Total Jobs.
During the 6 months you’re signed up for, you’ll receive any updates we make free of charge. Or sign up to the complete package to get all the new course we add free of charge.
Get the inside track from top interviewers and recruiters on what they’re looking for in a graduate.
Make sure you stand the very best chance of getting the graduate job you really want.
Don’t get stuck in the graduate rut. Wave goodbye to studenthood and hello to your career with our How To Succeed At Graduate Interviews package today!

Units of Study
Choosing a career
Graduate CVs
Interview Preparation
Interview Questions
Typical problems
Questions to ask
Closing the Interview
Dealing with Job Offers
Negotiating Salary
Final advice

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Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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