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CV & Interview Skills

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Find out the inside secrets of top recruiters with our best-selling course that arms you with all you need to know to make the job hunting (and getting!) process as easy and painless as possible from the moment you start planning your CV through to sailing through interviews. As we all know, no matter what field you’re in, the job market is ultra competitive these days and just one tiny slip-up on your CV or misguided answer to an interview question could be all that separates you from another candidate when it comes to getting that sought-after job. The recruitment process is never easy but by signing up to this great treble package, you can at least take back control of being the best you possibly can be when it comes to polishing up your CV and knowing the insider techniques to sell yourself calmly, confidently and appropriately in interview situations.
How Does It Work?
This online course is delivered in three easy-to-digest videos that you can access online wherever and whenever you want over the 6-month period you’re signed up for. This means you can study intensively before you embark on a big job hunt or return to aspects of the package when you need to tweak your CV or prepare for that big interview. The interactive nature of your study, with its practical ‘show and ask’ training methods, means your learning will be easily absorbed – so no more excruciating ‘mind going blank’ moments in interviews!
What Will I Learn?
CV and Interview Skills covers the three main job-winning skills you need to perfect your CV, nail that interview and ultimately get that job offer! The package includes a 175 CV Secrets training video with 4 time and sanity-saving CV and covering letter templates. You’ll also get access to the 207 Interview Skills and 135 Interview Answers videos that leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring every conceivable challenge that could be thrown at you in an interview situation and coming up with a solution for it. So not only will you be able to confidently handle tough questions, you’ll also be empowered to ask impressive questions and even negotiate a better package!
Invest in our treble sized package to make getting that dream job as easy as counting to three!
In Top CV Secrets find out all the insider tricks and techniques to use to make sure your CV is at the top of the shortlist time and time again, as you watch best-selling career authors and owners of CV writing services revealing the secrets of the perfect CV.
The perfect CV is different for everyone, so find out how to tailor yours to your field and to the specific job role you’re applying for.
Receive 4 CV templates and aids and 4 covering letter templates and relax in the knowledge that you’ve got the presentation mastered.
In 207 Interview Techniques find out tips and techniques from the best in the business.
Learn to deal with interview stress, particularly if you’ve recently been made redundant or are suffering from a loss of confidence in another area of your life.
Get more tips on developing your CV.
Learn how to control last minute nerves and build rapport with your interviewer.
Most candidates focus solely on answering questions. Learn how not to be caught out by the ‘and have you got any questions for us?’ moment of the interview.
135 Interview Answers gives you the opportunity to study film footage of the most challenging questions that are commonly posed by interviewers being asked and answered effectively.
The step-by-step guides mean that questions such as ‘what was your greatest failure?’, ‘why were you made redundant?’ and ‘what makes you crack?’ will lose their power to make you crack!
Your CV will be a powerful key that unlocks the door to many interviews.
Gain confidence and impress your future employers as you stand out from the crowd on all-important interview day.
The confidence you gain in your job hunting will have a positive impact in every area of your life.
Study at a time convenient to you during the 6-month period you’re signed up for.
Our interactive training includes step-by-step methods and keyword search facilities.
Each chapter has its own hands-on exercises so you can test your performance in a safe environment.
Receive any upgrades to the course free during your 6 months. Or sign up to the complete package to receive all new courses we add for free.
Spend less time worrying about job applications and interviews, and more time preparing to ace them!
Improve your chances of getting the job you really want.
Make the next step on the career ladder a reality today with CV & Interview Skills. Three fantastic benefits. First of all our Top CV Secrets video that comes complete

Units of Study

Is your CV getting you every interview you apply for? If not find out how you can be short-listed for interviews again and again. This can be true EVEN if professional CV writers have written yours. How do we know? We have filmed best-selling career authors and owners of leading CV writing services, revealing the secrets to a job winning CV.
Devised by career coaches and recruitment experts, this film is packed full of non-stop tips and insights from the thousands of interviews they have conducted. If you worried or stressed about an upcoming interview or have you recently been made redundant and just lost confidence this film includes tips, techniques and answers that top candidates use to win offer after offer. It will assist you to develop your CV / resume, build rapport, ask great questions and beat interview nerves
In this session you will see filmed some of the most difficult questions that are asked of candidates. You are guided through each one (step by step), giving advice about how to answer the question followed by an actual examples such as What are your strengths? Describe your greatest failure? Why should we offer you the job? Why were you made redundant? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Describe your personality? Why do you want this job? How do you cope under pressure? What makes you crack? How do you plan a project? What makes you different?

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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