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Job Skills Package

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Be the candidate potential employers are fighting over with our fantastic Jobs Skills Package that will teach you absolutely everything you need to know to craft the perfect CV and shine in the pressured environments of interviews and assessment centres. Our 11-piece package also includes career-boosting guides to increasing confidence, mastering public speaking and finding your true purpose in the world of work. There’s also a whole section devoted to graduate interview skills, executive interview skills and leaving the public sector, meaning no matter what stage your career is at, there’s something to suit your unique needs. You’ll also get 4 timesaving CV and covering letter templates.
How Does It Work?
As soon as you invest in your future success by signing up for this package, you’ll receive a username and password that means you can practice your job winning skills anywhere you want, 24 hours a day, for the 12 months your package lasts for. You can challenge yourself with our online simulations of real tests or print PDF versions to use offline. And when that interview’s looming you can go back and watch the content as often as you need to be calm, confident and interview ready.
Who Put The Package Together?
Our comprehensive package, delivered by a team of over 100 experts, is the result of 10 years of research into success. Our videos contain all the insider secrets and practical answers to problems that will get your CV to the top of the shortlist and ultimately bag you that coveted job offer. We’ve been featured by the BBC and The Daily Mail and come recommended by top recruitment agencies Reed, Total Jobs and more.
Master everything you need to do to get that job from creating the perfect CV to acing that interview.
In Top CV Secrets find out how to ensure your CV gets you an interview every time.
Move on to 207 Interview Techniques where you’ll learn how to sail through interviews with confidence.
135 Interview Answers preps you through all the tricky questions recruiters throw in to try and catch you out.
In Executive Interview Skills learn how to prove your abilities as a confident leader and decision maker in this incredibly competitive market.
In What Not To Say In An Interview you’ll get to giggle along safe in the knowledge that you won’t drop any of these clangers!
Boost Your Confidence teaches you techniques to remain calm and in control even when you’re out of your comfort zone.
In Brilliant Public Speaking, you’ll learn to master this empowering and inspiring work and life skill.
Assessment Centres guides you through everything you need to succeed in these latter-stage recruitment days that often include tricky role-play situations.
In Graduate Interview Skills learn how to make that sometimes difficult transition from student to professional with advice from recruiters including John Lewis and KPMG.
Life doesn’t always go to plan, and Surviving Redundancy guides you through turning the initial trauma into a springboard for future success.
Leaving The Public Sector is great for people keen to use their transferable skills in the sometimes more competitive and fast-moving private sector.
Finally in Finding Your Purpose, identify what you really love, then start planning how to get paid for it!
It’s a jungle out there, so get all the skills you need to stand out from the crowd and ultimately get your dream job.
Once you’re confident you’ve mastered all the job-winning tricks and techniques you can approach your interview with confidence.
Our interactive content that includes the chance to watch the actors delivering interview questions and answers means your learning will be easily absorbed.
The package is endorsed by major recruitment agencies such as Reed and Total Jobs and has been featured by the Daily Mail, the BBC and more.
Invest in your future for only £499 – that’s a saving of £699 on the RRP of £999.
All students qualify for massive discounts with the new NUS Extra card.
Approach job-seeking with enthusiasm and excitement instead of apprehension and fear.
Learn valuable skills that you’ll use throughout your working life.
Start your trailblazing journey to career success by signing up to our Jobs Skills Package today!

Units of Study

Is your CV getting you every interview you apply for? If not find out how you can be short-listed for interviews again and again. This can be true EVEN if professional CV writers have written yours. How do we know? We have filmed best-selling career authors and owners of leading CV writing services, revealing the secrets to a job winning CV.
Devised by career coaches and recruitment experts, this film is packed full of non-stop tips and insights from the thousands of interviews they have conducted. If you worried or stressed about an upcoming interview or have you recently been made redundant and just lost confidence this film includes tips, techniques and answers that top candidates use to win offer after offer. It will assist you to develop your CV / resume, build rapport, ask great questions and beat interview nerves
In this session you will see filmed some of the most difficult questions that are asked of candidates. You are guided through each one (step by step), giving advice about how to answer the question followed by an actual examples such as What are your strengths? Describe your greatest failure? Why should we offer you the job? Why were you made redundant? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Describe your personality? Why do you want this job? How do you cope under pressure? What makes you crack? How do you plan a project? What makes you different?
Interviews at the executive level are simply more difficult than interviews for entry-level jobs. This is because the stakes are significantly higher. As an executive, you will be called upon to make a number of critical decisions. Therefore, you have to be able to work well under intense pressure. When you reach the executive level, the competition for jobs is incredibly difficult. After all, there are a finite number of executive positions available. Also, there are any number of MBAs who are ready and willing to fill any vacant positions.
This video is purely for amusement purposes only. If you learn something from it as well then great! We just wanted to make you laugh about actual answers that have been used at interview. Hopefully they will put a smile on your face during this time of transition, which is not a bad thing life can be a bit too serious at times. So sit back, enjoy and have a bit of a giggle.
Most people have confidence issues on a regular basis for some people they are fleeting problems, for others that may be more long-term. From successful celebrities to everyday workers, confidence can and does elude us at on certain occasions. The thing that sets the seemingly confident apart from others is the strategies they employ to overcome the nerves or to use them to their benefit. Supreme Self Confidence is about how to move from your comfort zone to the place you need to be to achieve more in your life, such as in presentations, meetings and job interviews. This DVD will show you how the step by step techniques to take your life to a whole new level.
The fear of public speaking is said to be even greater than the fear of death. Yet mastering this skill can make the difference between success and failure in life. Those who learn to speak confidently tend to earn more money, are more popular and get what they want in life. You just have to look at Dragons Den to see the number of people who go away empty handed because they cannot present effectively. The good news is that public speaking is something that can be learned, and you can be great at it.
An assessment centre is usually an all day event (or longer) which forms part of the latter stages of a companys recruitment procedure. Employers want to find out how you perform in different situations and devise activities / role-plays to test you in various ways. Although they may seem like a way for assessors to get cheap laughs at your expense by putting you in embarrassing situations, they are actually used for several very valid reasons. They are less subjective, and dont just cover the same ground in the same way as the first interview, while allowing the employer to find out about your ability to work with others.
Its a great achievement to have graduated from university. But whether its an internship or a graduate job that you are after, the reality is that there are likely to be a lot of other smart people going for the same position. With recruiters increasingly saying that graduates, while having strong academic records, are weak on interviewing techniques, its never too early to start thinking about improving yourself in this area. We have assembled top recruiters and employers (KPMG, John Lewis, Centrica, Arriva and Connexions) to give you the inside track on what they are looking for at interview and the many mistakes they have witnessed.
Being made redundant can be an incredibly traumatic experience. From suffering the gut wrenching feeling to being completely lost as to the way forward, can leave you with huge self-esteem issues. This is a roadmap of exactly how to rebuild your life practical wisdom on the subject of redundancy, its effects on people and significant ways to map out a route to a better future. It offers clear and calm information on how to deal with the shock and emotions of sudden job loss, how to reassess finances and costs of living, how to use redundancy-enforced free time to the best advantage and how to see the potential disaster of redundancy as a springboard to life changes and new opportunities.
The Public Sector is characterised by specialist work, people who stay in their roles a long time and people who are, generally speaking, unused to undergoing significant business and career change. Although it can initially feel like a lonely, daunting and scary prospect there are many things that people can do to start to help and prepare themselves for the future. Even if you feel your job is very specialised, with help, transferable skills and strengths can be identified, polished up and promoted. Additionally, weaker skills areas (and we all have them) can be given the right focus, training and attention. So what sorts of things should you start to think about now?
Your purpose is directly related to what you love. The most purposeful people in the world spend their time doing what they love. Bill Gates loves computers, Oprah loves helping, and Edison loved to invent. What do you love? Is it reading, writing, playing sports, singing, painting, business, selling, talking, listening, cooking, fixing broken things. Whatever you love, its directly related to your purpose. This film shows you how to discover and live a life of purpose.

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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