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CIW Web Security Associate with Live Labs



Cyber threats have seen an increase in frequency and sophistication with more hackers and cyber criminals looking to access the information we hold dearest. The damage that hackers can do is unprecedented, especially to a business, and with recent changes in data privacy laws, it is paramount that businesses take the threat seriously. Cyber security professionals have come to the front line of the virtual war against cyber crime and will continue to stay in-demand as a deterrent from cyber criminals looking to steal data and information.
The CIW Web Security Associate will teach you how to secure your network from unauthorised activity and users, so it’s perfect not just for cyber security professionals, but also IT Administrators and other professionals who are looking to protect their networks themselves.
It is ideal for many IT professionals, especially System Administrators, IT Managers and App Developers who want to protect the systems and applications that they have organised, ensuring there is no intrusion and risk of damage.
CIW Web Security Associate Exam
  • 90 minutes duration
  • 62 questions
  • 76% required to pass
The CIW Web Security Associate Exam is not included, but you can get in touch with us and we will tailor your package to include the examination for official certification.
Live Labs
The CIW Web Security Associate course comes with Live Labs which will enhance your learning experience by helping you to implement your knowledge into a practical, risk-free environment, so that you can perfect your methods before putting them in place in the real world.
  • An in-depth understanding of how hacker threats occur and learn about which security threats exist.
  • The high standard of security that is needed for modern businesses to continuously protect valuable company data against unauthorized activity.
  • How to implement access control lists so you can easily identify who should and shouldn’t be accessing particular networks.
  • The most up to date firewall technology and study how to improve operating systems to remove the chance of unwanted hacker activity.
  • Essential information on authentication procedures, encryption standards and actions that help to ensure proper user authentication.
  • How to create integrated security policies, along with the most common security principles for both personal and business use.
  • What it takes to respond to and report hacker activity, engage in pro-active detection, and always remain one step ahead when it comes to protecting your company’s needs.
  • Live Labs are included in this package, this will allow you to practice your cybersecurity skills in a risk-free environment
  • Tutor support is available via our Live Chat Tutor Support platform, get in touch to find out more!
  • 24/7 course and lab access for 12 months – study whenever you like over your access period!
  • 24-hour, Monday to Friday customer support
  • We have the exam available for full certification, get in touch with us if you would like to tailor your package to include the official examination


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