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Website Development for Beginners Certificate

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With website development continuing to be one of the most in-demand skillsets required in the modern workplace, it’s never made more sense to formalise your interest in web development by getting qualified. This flexible online training is designed for people who are new to web development and are keen to develop their skills in this exciting area, whether as a hobby or in corporate web development or freelance web development. The course is also suitable for business owners who wish to build a website for their organisation or need a training solution for staff.
Will It Teach Me To Be A Web Developer?
Even the most experienced web developer will tell you that you never stop learning web development. However, this training will equip you with all the basic knowledge and tools you need to successfully build your first website. It takes a useful practical approach with code example, guidance material and plenty of coding activities to develop your skills.
What Does The Course Cover?
You’ll start with an overview of the history of the web before getting up to date with more recent innovations and expected future developments. After that, the 10 easy-to-digest modules are designed to guide you through all you need to know to get up and running with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages, plus much more.
Work through the 10 modules before taking an end of course exam (included) and achieving certification in web development for beginners.
Learn about the past, present and future of the internet.
Define the terms client-side and server-side in the context of web development.
Learn how to create a simple HTML document and set up the basic skeleton of a web page.
Use different HTML elements to create different sections of a web page.
Add styling code to HTML in internal and external style sheets with CSS.
Learn how CSS is used alongside HTML to build attractive pages.
Explore coding concepts for the web such as the CSS Box Model, the HTML DOM Model and JavaScript’s Object Orientation.
Learn to use JavaScript code in HTML documents in order to change and modify the structure and add interactivity.
The comprehensive, easy-to-follow course material appeals to a wide range of learning styles.
End of module activities and a final test are designed to embed knowledge.
The ability to write simple web pages and elements using HTML, CSS and JavaScript is an in-demand skill that will attract you to a wide range of employers.
Your new skillset will prove invaluable for business, professional and personal projects.
There are no prerequisites to take this beginner-level course.
Download your certificate or receive it in the post when you complete the end.
A good investment for businesses who wish to build their own website, or those looking to train staff in website development.

Units of Study
The Internet and the Web
What is Web Development?Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
Advanced HTML elements
Introduction to CSS
HTML & CSS in Action – Part I
HTML & CSS in Action – Part II
HTML & CSS in Action Part III
Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript in Action

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