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World-renowned Andy Harrington’s Public Speaking Masterclass

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Inspire and influence those around you with this online course from the Professional Speakers Academy. Brought to you by world-renowned public speaking expert and life coach Andy Harrington, who has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar and Paul McKenna, to name just a few, this module-based online training program contains everything you need to soar to exciting new heights with your public speaking in terms of both technique and content.
Unlock the Key to Leadership
No matter what field you work in, you’ll always find talented, hard-working individuals competing for the top jobs. However the thing that separates the highest achievers from those who have to be content to take their orders is the ability to lead, inspire and influence large groups of people. Whether the thought of standing up and doing a presentation fills you with dread or you just need to hone and polish the public speaking skills you already possess, this Public Speakers University course is essential if you want to lift yourself to the next level in your leadership journey.
Secrets of the Successful
There’s a reason why Andy Harrington is the world’s highest paid public speaker and if you enroll in this course, not only will you see why, you can also let his magic rub off on you! Yes, the confidence to stand up and address a room full of people can be something we’re born with, but if you haven’t been genetically blessed with this gift, there’s still no reason why you can’t learn the amazing and empowering life skill of constructing and delivering inspiring and polished presentations without even using notes! You’ve already got the know-how to educate, motivate and inform those around you, so enroll on this course and you can start making it happen today!
Each monthly module brought to you via high definition online video focuses on a different area to transform you into the calm, collected and respected public speaker you’ve always dreamed of being.
You’ve got valuable information to communicate; the Stress Free Speaker System empowers to deliver it confidently without ever losing your thread or running out of things to say.
First impressions count! Learn how to grab your audience’s undivided attention immediately – and keep it throughout your presentation with the Stay and Pay Positioning system.
Monetise your professional skills with the 4-Mat Formula that teaches you to design workshops based on your expertise that are so good they’ll be queuing up for you to deliver them!
Find out how to be your own Unique Branded System by establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your chosen field.
Captivate your listeners with the KickSTART Content Creator – no padding, no fluff, just exciting, engaging content delivered in an entertaining way by you!
Make your speeches edge-of-the-seat blockbusters with the Tri-Summit Storytelling system; a method of making and illustrating points based on Hollywood movies.
Discover how to Pitch and Grow Rich by developing your very own products and programs to those who you’ve addressed and inspired.
You’re full of professional know-how; now deliver that knowledge to others to influence and inspire them, and empower yourself to soar to new heights in your career.
Receive every module, where Andy Harrington reveals in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide how to become a truly world class presenter, in the form of a 60-minute training video that you can watch at a time convenient to you.
See Andy’s success in action by watching LIVE examples of him working his tactics and techniques’ magic on thousands of people.
Discover the secret to delivery with powerful exercises that will have you nailing the content of your presentations and acquiring the confidence to deliver them to stunning effect.
Find out how to turn your unique ideas into intellectual property so you can make the profit you deserve from delivering your 60-minute signature talk that sets you apart as a respected authority in your field.
Make a real difference to other peoples’ lives by sharing your knowledge in an inspiring and easy to understand way.
In order to inspire others, you need to be inspired first, so buy this course today and start your fantastic new journey as a confident public speaker.

Units of Study
How to develop great presentation skills
How to put your message together from the ground up
How to engage an audience whilst being entertaining and educational
How to become a speaker that facilitates real and lasting change
How to authentically pitch your products and services from stage for big profits
How to tell stories to illustrate your points to deepen your audiences understanding

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    I was invested in hearing you out and giving you 100% of my attention and focus 🙂

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