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Wine Making

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Become the toast of the town as you learn to make your own wines from the comfort of your own kitchen. Discover how the process works, choose your ingredients, and learn how to pair your new wines with the perfect meals. Expert wine maker Todd York will guide you at every step, even if you don’t know your Shiraz from your Chardonnay.
This is an ideal course for:
  • Hobbyists looking to make their own wine for pleasure.
  • People wishing to understand the process of winemaking.
  • Wine enthusiasts who’d like to make a personal drop.
  • Anyone seriously considering a role in the wine making industry.
Make your own unique wines without the need to grow your own vineyard! Expert vintner Todd York will explain how to use a home fermenting kit to make fruit wines like no other, so you can produce a vintage according to your own taste in wine.
Taste the literal fruits of your labour in the form of watermelon Merlot and apple cider wine. Along the way, learn how the wine making apparatus works, and how the fermenting process can be adjusted to produce different flavours.
Discover a wealth of knowledge from a tutor who has more than ten years experience making wines in California’s famous Napa Valley region. Let him show you the difference between wine varieties, and how to pick the perfect match for any meal.
The most effective learning often happens through doing. This course combines lessons on wine tasting with practical step-by-step instruction on how wine is made. Follow our expert’s explanation of the principles at work as you ferment your own fruits over a period of time.
By the end of the course you will have produced at least three different wines to enjoy, and learned nuances of flavouring to allow you to create new tastes each time. Try your hand at the rich red Amarone, as well as alternative fruit wines made from watermelon or apple.
Topics covered in the course include:
  • Supplies and ingredients.
  • Tools, equipment and chemicals.
  • Wine making kits.
  • How to make Merlot-style wine from watermelon.
  • Making the dry Italian wine known as Amarone.
  • Apple wines.
  • Degassing, bottling and racking.
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment.
  • Comprehensive wine tasting guide and food pairings.
  • Blending wines.
  • Understanding and using hydrometers.
Never again wonder which wine you should drink with dinner. You’ll not only be able to pick perfect partners to impress your guests, but you’ll also understand how they’re made.
Stock your own cellar with wines that accurately reflect your personality and tastes. Enjoy the fruits of your labour alone or share with friends. You can give bottles as gifts, or perhaps even sell your personal blends.
Here Learning happens at your pace, with open-ended online study. There are no deadlines, and no heavy textbooks. Receive your certificate upon completion, then sit back and relax with a glass of your very own hand-made wine.
  • Instruction from certified wine making expert Todd York.
  • Get a first taste (literally) of the world of winemaking and viniculture.
  • Stepping stone to study or employment in wine-related fields.
  • No prerequisites or prior study required.
  • Online study means no papers, no books, no fuss.
  • 24-hour technical phone support.
Units of Study
  • Introduction
  • Supplies And Ingredients Needed
  • Cleaning And Prepping Equipment
  • Chemicals Processing Aids And Oaks
  • Wine Kits And Making Watermelon Merlot
  • Making Amarone
  • Apple Cider Wine
  • Degassing Wine
  • „Adding More Ingredients To You Wine
  • Gentle Punch Down And Degassing Of Amarone
  • Reracking The Amarone
  • Different Wine Varietals
  • Hydrometer
  • Wine Yeast
  • Wine Blending And Food Pairing
  • Bottling The Apple Cider Wine

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  1. Paulson

    very easy to listen to and he keeps my attention and explains things in a way that is easy to understand.

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