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British Citizenship Diploma

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This important short course is designed for those who want to join the multi-cultural, multi-talented population of citizens that make Britain great. There is much more to British citizenship than you might expect, and this diploma course will help unravel the complexities, whether you want to become a British citizen yourself or just want find out more about how the system works.
What Will I Learn?
This is a comprehensive e-learning course that will cover the different types of citizenship and more about working and living in the UK. You’ll learn about immigration laws and the steps towards achieving naturalisation, along with the practical aspects of becoming a full UK citizen.
Why Invest In This Course?
This short course is ideal for anyone who wants all the information on British citizenship in one place, presented in easy to understand chunks. It’s a great option for those looking to achieve British citizenship, and is also a useful learning tool for those studying the subject in a number of related fields.
Complete the easy to manage modules and achieve a thorough understanding of all the issues and complexities involved in achieving British citizenship.
Learn how a British citizen is defined, the history of British citizenship, the six different types of British citizen, and the restrictions on each type.
Look at the difference between citizenship and nationality.
Become familiar with the British nationality acts of the 20th century, the Commonwealth acts, and how both these effect Commonwealth citizens.
Look at what naturalisation is, the criteria for it in the UK, methods used to apply for it, and get to grips with the application procedure for individuals.
Become familiar with the Life In The UK, and English Language tests – learn about studying for and booking the tests, who has to take them, and when exemptions apply.
Learn what a residence card is, who is entitled to one, and how you apply as both an EEA and non-EEA citizen.
Look at alternative ways you can qualify and apply for a residence card. You’ll also learn about family permits.
Look at finding work in the UK, including how shortlists are compiled, why CVs can be rejected, and how to prepare for telephone and face to face interviews.
Learn how to create a CV relevant for the British job market, where you can look for job vacancies, and get tips on applying for jobs.
Learn to define dual nationality, and look at issues around travelling if you hold that status.
Also look at Brexit and possible implications for EEA and non-EEA citizen, and the possible options open to government.
Get to grips with the British visa system, permission to work in the UK, the right to stay in the UK for less than six months, and more.
You’ll become familiar with the five tier points-based system, and the visa types that fall outside it.
Learn more about the British culture, including British humour, greeting people, common slang words and a look at regional greetings across the UK.
Study wherever you are on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Receive a certificate on successful completion of the course and passing the test.
Access valuable information about British citizenship, all in one place.
Prepare yourself for the tests that you’re required to take on applying for British citizenship.
Understand all the intricate details of British citizenship and how you could become a British national working and living in the UK.
Units of Study
An Introduction to British Citizenship
British Nationality and Immigration – A Legislative Overview
Naturalisation – What it is and How to Apply
Life in the UK and English Language Tests
The Right to Stay in the UK
Finding Work in the UK – What Happens After Applying
Finding Job Vacancies in the UK
Dual Nationality, Brexit and Useful Contacts
The British Visa System
Life and Culture in the UK

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  1. Kathy Pham

    love the details in explaining process and love that its pure basics

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