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Responsive Web Development in Bootstrap

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Now that most people access websites on phones and tablets as opposed to desktop computers, the art of creating websites that respond to the size of the screen of the device being used to access the webpage has become ever more important. This great-value online training has been designed to get you up and running when it comes to doing just that.
What Does the Course Teach?
Over nearly two hours of detailed and practical course content, you will explore responsive web design incorporating the use of HTML 5, CSS and Bootstrap. At the end of the course you’ll be confident creating media queries using CSS and manipulating Bootstrap components to gain the responsiveness your web pages require. The training concludes with the creation of a webpage in which you can put the skills you have learned into action. This means you can instantly apply your new skillset to the real-life scenarios you will use it for.
How Does the Training Work?
All study takes place online, meaning you are totally in control of the learning experience, with the freedom to revisit the lessons as and when you need to. This makes online learning an excellent option for busy people who would struggle to commit to weekly classes and deadlines.
Find out what you’ll be learning as you progress through the course.
Discover what responsive design is and what is needed to design responsive websites.
Explore how to test your responsive design in a browser.
Media Queries
Discover what a media query is.
Learn about media query syntax and creating media queries for various devices.
Take a look at media queries in action.
Find out about media query order and other conditions.
Get to grips with controlling text formatting with media queries.
Learn about changing layout based on media queries.
Explore how to create media queries using Adobe Dreamweaver.
Responsiveness Components
Learn about declaring the viewport meta tag.
Tackle the default template overview.
Over two parts, learn about creating a responsive grid layout.
Learn about changing grid layout based on screen size for both desktop to tablet and desktop to phone.
Discover how to create responsive column resets.
Explore changing button sizes and creating responsive images.
Learn about setting visible and hidden on property.
Creating a Responsive Website Layout
Apply your learning with a project overview.
Over three parts learn about building the layout in terms of set up, adding Bootstrap components and linking the Bootstrap files.
Learn to adjust for various desktop sizes, tablet sizes and phone sizes.
Explore how to adjust the page for printing.
Find out what you need to know about making the site non-responsive.
Study on all your internet-enabled devices 24/7.
Technical support is available, should it be required.
Online learning is both a time and cost effective way to gain your useful new skill.
Gaining expertise with responsive web development in Bootstrap is a CV-boosting move that will also open doors in your personal projects.
This short course fits easily around other commitments.
Enjoy the freedom to recap and revisit learning whenever you need to.

Units of Study
Media Queries
Responsiveness Components
Creating a Responsive Website Layout

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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  1. Saptarshi

    The instructor is awesome. In depth lectures. I’m loving it!

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