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Official Adobe Flash (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme

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If you’re serious about your web design career, proving your up-to-date skillset with Adobe Flash is essential.This expertly designed, great-value package of three comprehensive courses is designed to teach you all you need to know to pass the Official Adobe ACA .
What do the Courses involve?
Starting with Adobe Flash Professional CS6 – Complete Training Programme, you’ll get to grips with the essential features of the world’s leading image editing software. Next, you’ll move on to Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 – Creating Mobile Applications, which is perfect for professional web designers who want to learn new skills in the ever-evolving and in-demand area of creating mobile apps. Finally, Adobe Flash Catalyst CS.5 – Complete Training Programme will enhance your new skillset by getting you confidently creating consumer-friendly user interfaces and using Adobe toolsets with ease.
This tailored package culminates in you having the confidence and expertise to pass the exam.
Get confident navigating the Flash interface, using guides and rulers.
Tackle drawing shapes in Flash, modifying them and applying gradients and mixing colours.
Understand the characteristics of symbols, the button library and learn to create and edit symbols.
Learn how to import photos from Illustrator, Photoshop and Bitmap.
Find out about basic text techniques including modifying text properties.
Learn animation basics, like creating keyframes, using motion tweens and the Motion Editor.
Get confident adding simple controls to a video and publishing and exporting Flash documents.
Learn to use Flash Lite to code well architected applications and how to develop the user interface.
Discover how to build a mobile game.
Find out how to write persistent data to the handset, how to load dynamic data through XML socket connections and how to create and send XML node messages.
Learn to load Flash Lite applications on a BREW device, how to work with sound and video and test for video capabilities.
Use Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to create appealing user interfaces.
Get confident with designer/developer workflows and creating resizable applications.
Find out about the Flash Catalyst interface.
Learn to edit common button components from custom artwork and label components, create states and add interactions to aid UI navigation.
Discover how to edit and customise designs and optimise artwork.
Find out about animating user interactions.
Explore the components of the application and how to add, sound, video and Flash content.
Learn to create a skinnable component to use in Flash Builder and to transfer FXP and FXPL files between Builder and Catalyst.
Get confident setting up banners, navigation buttons, video times and image galleries.
Understand the steps involved in publishing your project and how to publish for browsers or desktop.
Study online at your own pace, on any device, with technical support available.
The tailored package provides logical learning progression, with a range of tutorials, exercises, interactive simulations and self-assessments to suit all learning styles.
Printable reference guides and tutorials aid learning.
The keyword search resource makes finding information quick and easy.
The mock test means you can ensure you’re exam ready.
Becoming an ACA certified associate is a CV-boosting investment that will take your career to the next level.
Sign up to the Official Adobe Flash (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme today to become ACA accredited in a flash.

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  1. Green

    Great course! The best instructor on web I’ve ever met! Thanks him a lot!

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