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CIW Web Foundations Associate with Live Labs



The technological revolution has changed the way we do everything: shopping, communicating, and learning are just a few of the things that the internet has changed. In turn, these changes have affected the way we do business, with internet technologies having an impacting on virtually every business as everyone looks to ride the digital wave and get ahead of the competition.

The CIW Web Foundations Associate is a series of courses that will improve your digital literacy skills and help you to build a flourishing online business with three in-depth programmes focusing on networking technologies, web development skills, and how to work effectively in today’s internet-led business environment. The course is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their web efficiency, which are skills professionals in all industries can benefit from.
The CIW Web Foundations Associate series includes:
Internet Business Associatee
Site Development Associatee
Network Technology Associate
Live Labs
The CIW Web Foundations Associate course comes with Live Labs which will enhance your learning experience by helping you to implement your knowledge into a practical, risk-free environment, so that you can perfect your methods before putting them in place in the real world.

CIW Web Foundations Associate Exam
The CIW Web Foundations Associate exam consists of:
90 questions
63.33% pass mark
90-minute time limit
The CIW Web Foundations Associate exam is not included in this package, but we do have it available if you would like to add it in. Get in touch with one of our experts to see which option is best for you.

Learn the fundamental aspects of the internet and how it is used in the business environment.
Content encompasses, among other things, the use of web search engines for basic and advanced searches, effective ways of researching and communicating on the Internet, cloud computing and mobile devices, and the all-important subject of privacy and the Internet.
Discover the challenges to internet users in business and what measures can be taken to keep personal information secure.
Cover the full spectrum of web development, from writing code manually to working with images, creating hyperlinks, adding audio and video and optimising web pages for search engines.
Networking components and standards to connecting to the Internet and taking advantage of its multitude of services, through to hardware and devices and how to deal with network and cloud security risks.
Tutor support available if you would like the guidance of a subject matter expert throughout their course
Syllabus shows updates in the latest technologies, which you will get for free should they happen on your course, so your knowledge is always as up-to-date as possible
24-hour customer support available Monday to Friday
Three courses in one programme
A variety of knowledge and skills in different internet technologies making you a web master


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