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CIW JavaScript Specialist – Exam (1D0-635)



Embrace website design and perfect your JavaScript abilities, by signing up to this in-depth course and exam bundle that will provide you with all you need to know to be a pro at JavaScript. As one of the most common elements of most web pages and applications, understanding JavaScript and its uses is essential for website developers and programmers, and with the help of this course, you can!
Add a Valuable Skill to your CV
As a web developer, the skills you can demonstrate can affect your chances of employment, and if you wish to follow your dreams of being the best at what you do, enhancing your skillset with this course and exam package will help. Many job roles ask for an understanding of multiple programming languages, for example JavaScript, C++ and PHP, and you can easily add another skill to your portfolio upon completion of this course and sitting the associated exam.
Work Through Basic and Advanced Techniques
Build some solid foundations for your journey through JavaScript, by working through this course from beginning to end. From working with variables to using its functions on websites and forms, students will be able to demonstrate well-rounded expertise by the time they receive their pass certificate.
As a major player in the World Wide Web, understanding JavaScript – either at a basic or more advanced level – is essential for web developers and programmers of all abilities. Anyone working within the web, application or software development fields would benefit from this course, which will provide them with valuable tools and techniques that they can then use in future projects.
Identify some of the major characteristics of JavaScript and some of the common practices used, such as object-based nature and platform-independence.
Get to grips with server-side and client-side JavaScript applications.
Learn about, and be confident implementing, some of the variables and methodology that exist within JavaScript, such as undefined data types, the type attribute, and alert, prompt and confirm methods.
Understand more about terms inducing string concatenation, strict comparison and mathematical precedence.
Get to grips with some of the primary functions, methods and events within JavaScript, including the built-in functions and calculate average.
Continue on to study some intermediate techniques, such as using DOM, creating custom expressions and objects and using JavaScript to control program flow.
Build the confidence required to debug and troubleshoot JavaScript code.
Integrate JavaScript into forms to enhance their interactivity.
Tackle some of the security issues that JavaScript users can come up against.
Learn more about libraries such as jQuery and plugins, and appreciate the differences between them.
Use JavaScript and AJAX to create interactive web applications and to communicate with back-end databases.
Study the course materials and resources at your leisure, with convenient and flexible courseware that can be picked up and put down as and when, to suit your other commitments.
Courseware is accessible around the clock, 365 days a year. It’s also valid for a full 12 months, so you can work through the content without any unnecessary stress.
Technical support is on hand as and when you need it, should you run into difficulty with the courseware at any stage.
Add an incredibly widespread computing language to your CV and LinkedIn profile, and give future employers even more reason to hire you!
Sit the accompanying exam to prove your knowledge of the subject.
Boost your programming confidence and open more doors with your coding potential.
Expand your expertise into the world of JavaScript by signing up to our course and exam bundle today!

Units of Study
Introduction to JavaScript
Working with Variables and Data in JavaScript
Functions, Methods and Events in JavaScript
Controlling Program Flow in JavaScript
The JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)
JavaScript Language Objects
Developing Interactive Forms with JavaScript
JavaScript Security
Custom JavaScript Objects
Changing X/HTML on the Fly
JavaScript Libraries
JavaScript and AJAX
Debugging and Troubleshooting JavaScript

Course Details

Qualification = Professional or Industry specific qualification

Awarding body = Certified Internet Webmaster

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Access = 12 months


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