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WordPress Essentials for Business

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Push your business acumen to the next level with a WordPress-based site that will help your leads and sales skyrocket. This course is designed for both small business owners and the self-employed, and focuses on mastering the WordPress basics in order to create visually appealing, fully functional websites that will bring in potential customers in no time at all.

Create Websites With Ease
In a world where the estimated total number of websites in the world has exceeded 1 billion, it’s easy to see why mastering the creation of them should be at the forefront of every business brain. The Internet is the powerhouse of information, and by creating your own websites you can own your niche in next to no time. For business owners, it’s not practical to learn all of the ins and outs of complex website design, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to outsource your website build to a professional. With WordPress, you can learn the fundamentals yourself, and create fantastic websites that use this open source tool and Content Management System (CMS) with professional results.
Use WordPress with Confidence
The course can be studied online, through our courseware, meaning that you can study as and when you are able to. Covering almost all of the WordPress interface, as well as its uses for small businesses, it will help you to build confidence and expertise as you progress. You will be able to apply your knowledge practically, by actively building a website for a client, and will learn all of the major build concepts that come together to produce the final website. The syllabus is broken down into seven modules, which will ensure that the course materials are manageable at every step of the way.
Key Learning Points
Ideal for busy small business owners and the self-employed, who want to learn the WordPress basics and essentials to give their web presence a boost.
Get to grips with some of the WordPress essentials – what it is, why it’s used, whether you should choose the .org or .com option and what you will need to operate it.
Learn the basics with relation to hosting a WordPress site, including domain names and name servers. Learn how to choose a host, a domain name and register it, and learn how to install WordPress on your domain.
Learn how to build out your site by getting to grips with the WordPress dashboard. Learn how to create pages and posts, and explore the visual editor.
Work with images, hyperlinks and multimedia, to polish your site and make your pages more polished.
Learn how to install free themes, and modify them to suit your preferences.
Learn how to add categories and tags to help organise your blog posts and help to find items later.
Explore the widget and plugins areas, and discover what widgets and plugins can be added to your site, including analytic elements, contact forms and text widgets to add YouTube videos to your pages and add images to your sidebar.
Learn how to fine-tune your site, by adding concise permalinks, and discovering the comment moderation and discussions settings.
Advantages of this course
Learn how to avoid getting hacked, with essential WordPress security features.
Work at your own pace online, without worrying about having unachievable deadlines to meet.
IT training courseware support and keyword search facilities available to help you learn with ease.
If your course syllabus is upgraded during your studies, you will receive the upgrades free of charge.
Monitor your progress with self-assessments.
Interactive simulations can help you to apply your knowledge practically.
Improve your understanding of WordPress and learn a core skill that can be related to your business.
Add a valuable new skill to your CV to improve your future job prospects.
Take care of your own business or self-employed website and save money on paying someone to do it for you.
Create business-boosting websites and blogs with ease, by mastering WordPress with this essentials course today!

Units of Study
Wordpress Fundamentals
Hosting WordPress
Building Out Your Site
Content & Navigation
Widget & Widget Area
Fine-Tuning Your Site
Next Steps

1 review for WordPress Essentials for Business

  1. Baumbrough

    I love that it is not a typical textbook style course. I am getting so much out of it. Thank you

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