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CACHE Endorsed – Child Development

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From the moment a child is born the combination of genetics and environmental influences will help shape who that child becomes. It’s the age-old nature vs. nurture debate – even if a child is born with the potential to do great things, unlocking that potential will depend on the environment that they grow up in, and the encouragement that they receive along the way.
Help Every Child Reach Their Potential
As an early years practitioner, it’s your job to ensure a child can have the best level of developmental support when away from home in their childcare or early year’s education setting. Their development can be influenced by a whole range of factors, such as stimulation, exercise and enriching opportunities, can help every child to thrive.
Identify the Developmental Stages
Remember that every child is unique, and will achieve the developmental milestones and reach the various stages of progress at different rates. In this course, you will learn the importance of the patterns of development that exist, and will be able to raise concerns if a child’s development was to fall outside of these norms. The unit can be taken as a solo unit, but would also work well alongside other this course that is aimed at Academic Level modules, such as ‘Observing Children’ and ‘Managing Behaviour’.
Study of this course is appropriate for early years practitioners who work in a range of settings. Understanding child development is a crucial point in every childcare provider’s learning journey.
Understand that a child’s development begins from the moment of conception, and both natural and environmental influences (including the adults who care for them) can affect their developmental achievements.
Make yourself aware of the child’s needs, by acknowledging the five outcomes outlined in Every Child Matters.
Appreciate that every child is unique and needs to be treated as an individual.
Enhance your knowledge of brain development in young children, with the help of extra reading and clickable article links. Consider what activities can be prepared to help guide a child along their learning journey.
Understand some of the various child development theories, including the science of early childhood development, and the effects of society on a child’s development.
Work through the study pack at your own pace, using the easy-to-navigate online courseware.
Course material and extra learning resources are all available 24/7, 365 days a year. There’s no need for work placements, or timetables – it’s all online and ready to go when you are.
Study alongside work, further study or other commitments with ease.
Quiz and activity sheets containing tasks that you can read and complete are available. These assist your learning process and don’t count towards the final assessment score. They are simply there to benefit you, and help you to thoroughly understand the course content.
Plenty of extended reading available, included recommended reading and clickable links to websites, which can help you to broaden your knowledge base and give you a solid foundation in the core concepts of the unit.
10-question multiple choice assessment to be completed at the end of the module.
Feel confident that you’re providing the best service to the children in your care, when it comes to child development.
If you want to work with children, or are already on that career path, sign up to this essential course. Let it help you to understand how children develop, and you’ll undoubtedly be one of the reasons for their early years achievements!

Course Details

Qualification = Nationally recognised qualification

Awarding body = Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Access = 12 months

4 reviews for CACHE Endorsed – Child Development

  1. Marion

    Very clear instructions. Excellent and friendly approach with very clear and understandable approach to teaching. I enjoyed this course very much.

  2. Widney

    With every module, you come away thinking, “I can do that!” It’s encouraging and energizing. I was so wrapped up watching the lessons though

  3. Shao-Hsuan

    Comprehensive tutorial encompassing almost every aspect of drawing for beginners.

  4. Carter

    I have taken away a lot from this course, which I don’t doubt will be useful in my job search.

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