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An Enabling Learning Environment

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Embrace the idea of rich learning environments, and get to grips with some of the fundamental aspects of this exciting concept. Children are naturally curious, exploring every inch of their environment, at home and elsewhere. Exploring is a source of natural learning, and when they’re away from their home, it’s up to the childcare practitioner to ensure that their learning environment isn’t just safe, but richly resourced with activities, stimulating and fun.
Promote Independence and Individual Development
As an early years practitioner, it’s your job to provide appropriate support for every single child, so that they can benefit, develop and grow with the help of your assistance and the activities that are in place for them to enjoy. With plenty of opportunities, children can learn independently, make friends with peers and achieve their development goals with ease.
Create Stimulating Learning Environments
This in-depth course will help students to ensure an enabling learning environment can be established, by creating learning environments both inside and out, as well as applying creativity and perhaps themes to their learning areas. Whether you choose to get outside and appreciate somewhere other than a classroom’s four walls, or you want to jazz up your early years space, or theme it to suit certain topics, this course will help you to gain the skills needed to make your ideas reality.
This course would be ideal for childcare practitioners working in a range of settings, including nursery workers, childminders and school keyworkers who have an active role in the decision making and brainstorming process with regards to creating a stimulating and fun learning environment.
Learn how to ask children open ended questions, and recognise when (and how) to challenge them to improve their skills. Learn how to help them gain independence and learn for themselves, as well as encouraging them to interact with their peers with minimal adult intervention.
Think about the various learning areas that are part of your learning environment, and learn more about how these areas can be made even more stimulating than they already are.
Learn how to plan a room, and how to link the various areas and activities to the early learning goals. Ensure that the environment meets the needs of all children who will be using it, regardless of their individual requirements.
Gain insight into how to designate responsibility to staff, so that all keyworkers and practitioners can be part of this enabling process.
Understand the need for a richly resourced environment, filled with activities that can be explored and enjoyed.
Understand the importance of outdoor learning, and recognise some of the ways in which education can be taken outside, such as within outdoor learning environments, or via the implementation of forest schools.
Course completion certificate.
Technical support is on hand if you struggle using the courseware at any point.
Plenty of different resources available to suit your learning style, including presentations, video tutorials and downloadable activities; all of which can help you to understand the need for an enriching learning space.
Video examples of effective enabling environments included for inspiration.
Final assessment is via a simple multiple choice test that can be completed online.
Plenty of extra independent reading available, with links to websites and downloadable media, covering subjects including themed rooms, forest schools, outdoor classrooms, and sensory play areas.
Learn how to create a space that every child, parent and practitioner will love! Pick up handy tips on how to plan and implement your ideas, while also keeping costs as low as possible.
Give your learning environment a facelift and create a stimulating and fun environment for every child. Sign up to this interesting and inspiring course, today!

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

5 reviews for An Enabling Learning Environment

  1. Alex Spyropoulos

    Excellent course which has already helped me immensely at work (I work as a fraud analyst and can now get complex information I want from the database directly, whereas I had to pester other

  2. Woolstenholmes

    As I progress more and more through the course

  3. Noel

    I got much more out of this course than I could have hoped for.

  4. Tanv

    I would recommend this course to anyone.

  5. Pitman

    Very nicely paced

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