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Teaching Assistant Core

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Delve into the core concepts that are required to be a successful teaching assistant, with this handy course package that covers them all in one go! Choose to follow a rewarding career path, providing support and guidance to children within a school setting, by becoming a TA with a positive attitude.If you have dreamt of working with children since you were a school-age child yourself, what’s stopping you from achieving it right now? Sign up to our Teaching Assistant Core course package and take the first steps to becoming a fully qualified TA.
Learn Core Concepts Online
The joy of learning with us is the flexibility and convenience of our online course packages.Thanks to online courseware,students can choose to study whenever it suits them, rather than trying to make time in what may already be a hectic schedule. With a Teaching Assistant Core Package of courses, you can work your way through the syllabus as quickly or as slowly as you like.
4-in-1 Package
Our Teaching Assistant Core Package introduces students to four core subjects that can help them to understand what it takes to be an effective TA, including ‘Teaching Assistant’, ‘Managing Behaviour’,‘Observing Children’ and ‘Introduction to Safeguarding’. By working through these modules, and completing the end-of-unit multiple choice assessments,every student will be one step closer to having the confidence, knowledge and understanding required to become a professional TA.
Studying the Teaching Assistant Core Package would be a perfect springboard for anyone wishing to become a TA – whether they already work in a school or early years setting, or plan to in the future.
Learn how to provide top quality support and guidance in a classroom setting, with our CPD Certified Level 3 TA course. Prove yourself to be an asset for both the staff you support and the children you care for.
Work through material provided by the Level 3 Managing Behaviour course, covering aspects including the positive behaviour policy, positive relationships and strategies that can be implemented to promote good behaviour.
Understand what is required in order to successfully observe children, including the two types of observation that exist (formative and summative), realistic expectations that should be considered and how observation and evaluation can help a child to reach their next developmental stage.
Recognise the importance of safeguarding, how to promote it in your learning environment, and how to report safeguarding concerns in accordance with the policies and procedures that are in place.
Study online with courseware that is compatible with a range of devices and platforms.
Courseware is available 24/7,365 days a year – pick up the syllabus at times that are convenient to you.
Valid for a full 12 months,so there’s no need to rush;take your time and absorb all the information.
Use a variety of learning aids,including presentations,tutorials,videos,extra reading,quizzes and end-of-unit assessments.
Course completion certificate once you have completed all the training.
Build your knowledge base and skill set,and give prospective employers a reason to hire you.
Add some valuable core skills to your CV and feel confident that you have the understanding and attitude to continue your journey towards becoming a professional teaching assistant.
Cache endorsed Certification is available upon completion of all courses within the package, certification fee is included.
See that children get the best education possible by being part of their learning journey and helping them along the way. Sign up to this exciting package,today!
Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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