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Allergy Essentials

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Learn how to manage customer food allergies when working in the catering industry with this brief, cost-effective course. By completing this training module, students will have a good understanding of food allergies, the dangers they pose and how best to protect clients from an allergic reaction.
This course is an ideal training choice for:
Anyone working in a food-handling environment.
Any employee involved in preparing food.
Agency or casual staff who need a very basic understanding of allergies.
Any individual wanting to learn about how food allergies are bet managed in the catering industry.
Anyone who is worried about feeding guests who may have food allergies.
The Allergy Essentials course uses a combination of interactive courseware, quizzes and multimedia lectures to help students learn about preparing and handling food to avoid causing allergic reactions. Content is delivered online via our learning platform so that learners can complete the module anytime, anyplace as is most convenient for them.
Our social networking platform allows participants to share tips, advice and experiences with other learners, and to sound out new ideas with other students taking the course. At the end of their study, learners complete a short test to assess their understanding and earn a certificate of completion.
Although a relatively short course, students will receive a full introduction to the risks posed by food allergies, along with practical advice on how best to serve customers affected by allergies.
Students will be taught about:
Common food allergies, their causes and management.
The difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance.
Coeliac disease and foods that trigger it.
Food labelling and how to present diners with the information they need to make informed decisions when ordering.
Once the course has been completed, learners will sit a short test to ensure they have properly understood the topic and earn their certificate of completion.
In just one short module, students will better understand food allergies and the problems and dangers faced by sufferers. Using this knowledge, learners will be able to:
Prepare food safely to avoid contamination with allergens.
Prepare menus and food labelling to advise diners of potential allergens.
Meet the requirements of the new Food Information Regulation 1169/2011 EC at their place of work.
Acquire transferrable skills that will help them secure a new role working in the catering and hospitality industry.
Upon completion of this course students will have the tools to understand about allergens and engage with customers to help inform about what is in food and help make the right choices about what foods can be consumed. They will also be well prepared to learn more about food safety and hygiene should they decide to take their studies further.

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

4 reviews for Allergy Essentials

  1. Vishwanath

    The lecture was point to point and can be easily understood by the way you have explained .

  2. Darren

    I liked the walk-through of some of the hack along with the explanations of how it works.

  3. Zebian

    Thumbs up to the instructor’s dedication on this course!

  4. Pranay

    Except of that the support in the Q&A is just awesome.

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