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Health and Safety Introductory Course

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Health and safety laws are a fact of modern working life and rightly so. Not only do they promote the safety of employees in the workplace, they act as valuable guidelines for employers who need to ensure they are providing a safe and appropriate working environment for their employees. From the smallest business to the largest corporation, it’s crucial to be compliant with the most up-to-date health and safety regulations, and this introductory course is the ideal place to start.
What Does the Course Include?
This online course is designed according to the specifications set down by the Qualifications and Credit Framework for the Level 2 course in Health and Safety. As a result, by the end of the course, you will have gained a good understanding of employers’ roles and responsibilities for health, safety and welfare. You will also find out how risk assessments contribute to good practice in health and safety and how to identify and control the risks from potential hazards. In addition to this, you will become well versed in the correct procedures for responding to accidents and incidents in the workplace.
How Will I Learn?
This online course is presented over three easy-to-access modules in the form of animations with audio. There are also videos at the end of every module to illustrate and recap the learning that has just taken place.
Get started with the important issue of health and safety today to ensure you’re exercising the best possible practice in your workplace.
Begin by learning about the fundamental roles and responsibilities of health and safety before completing the test to confirm and embed your new knowledge.
The second module tackles the principles of risk assessment including how to identify and manage hazards. Complete the test and take the ‘Putting it Right’ challenge, where you use your skillset to spot the hazards in the walk-through video.
Module three deals with the important issue of work-based accidents and how to deal with them.
Finally, enhance your learning with the additional reference module on epilepsy and seizures.
Study at a time and pace that suits you, whenever and wherever you want to.
The end of module tests reassure you that you’ve grasped the important subjects being taught.
Demonstrate your new-found health and safety knowledge by downloading the Introduction to Health and Safety certificate on completion of the course.
Benefit from the peace of mind that comes with a good working knowledge of both the health and safety and risk assessment legislation you must be compliant with to ensure a happy and healthy workplace.
Health and safety is an issue that all businesses must take seriously, both for their own and their employees’ sakes. Make sure you’re on the right road to health and safety compliance by signing up to An Introduction to Health and Safety today.

Units of Study
Roles and Responsibilities in Health and Safety
The Principles of Risk Assessment including how to spot and manage hazards
Putting it right’: How well did you do spotting the hazards in the ‘walk through’ video?
Work Based Accidents
Addtional reference module on Epilepsy and Seizures


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