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Aerobic Bootcamp

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Embark on a new fitness regime with this motivational aerobic boot camp course. A growing trend in fitness boot camps has emerged over the last few years, based on the military style of training. Boot camp workouts burn fat and build muscle using a combination of cardio and strength exercises. Slim down your body, tighten your tummy and improve your fitness and health with this fantastic course. If you’re interested in a career as a fitness instructor this course could provide great experience and a valuable stepping stone to a new career. There are many other benefits of a fitness boot camp, including improved mental health and less stress. Regular aerobic exercise can help to reduce high blood pressure and hypertension, and combat stress, due to the release of endorphins which act as a mood elevator.
We use only the world’s finest instructors who have a minimum of 15 years real world experience and are experts in their fields. Unlike a live class you can fast-forward, repeat or rewind your lectures, enabling you to fully understand each topic before moving on. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefits of hands on training with the flexibility of fitting it in around your busy schedule.
By taking this course you will learn a comprehensive aerobics routine that will exercise your entire body, help you lose weight and improve your overall health and fitness. Focus areas of this course include:
Beginner. Learn the basics of aerobics, including warm ups and warm downs. Aerobics routines are designed around 32-beat segments that are divided into four, eight or 16-count moves. Discover and master the basic moves in this section of the course.
Intermediate. Further develop your aerobics skills and add to the foundation of strength and flexibility that you have already developed. Master more complex moves and improve your fitness.
Advanced. Push yourself to your fitness limit in this part of the course with advanced aerobic moves and tough cardio workouts. Experience levels of fitness, strength and wellbeing that you never thought possible.
A detailed yet easy to understand course broken down into manageable chunks
Lose weight and feel fantastic
Improve your fitness levels and boost your mood
Improve your own health and wellness
Learn at your own pace and thoroughly understand each principle before moving on
Units of Study

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

5 reviews for Aerobic Bootcamp

  1. Anubhav Koul

    I enjoyed the course. The concepts were explained in a simple and concise manner.

  2. Doshi

    Although there is so much more to learn. I will continue learning and build on what I’ve learned thus far. I would love to land a job and start a new career in this field.

  3. Alexander

    I strongly recommend this course!!

  4. Rao

    the only recommendation i would have is with the tone of voice of the lecturer. He is clear, but some more life in his voice would make the lectures more engaging

  5. Ram

    The teaching method is Simple, Clear and Enjoyable. Powerful tools at our fingertips.

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