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Children Story Writing Level 2 Diploma



As with many creative outlets in life, when a hobby becomes more than just something to pass the time at weekends and transforms into a lifelong passion or career goal, it’s only natural to want to further that talent and develop a skill set which can be honed on a regular basis. The Children’s Story Writing Diploma course enables you to do just that.
Whether you’re captivated by writing fiction for kids, you’re a budding writer looking to secure a career as a children’s author, or you simply wish to try out a style of creative writing that’s different from your ordinary choices, this course is tailor-made with these types of individuals in mind.
Children’s literature is such a popular reading avenue these days, and when you browse the shelves of your favourite book stores, there are rows upon rows of kids titles just waiting to be snapped up. So if your goal is to capture the attention span and enlighten the imaginations of children all across the world with your words, this is without a doubt the best course for you.
For beginner students with little writing experience, intermediate writers who practice writing in their spare time on a regular basis, or even if you consider your skills to be on par with some of the more advanced children’s authors out there, the Children’s Story Writing Diploma course is sure to help you unlock your full potential as a true literature writer aimed at the children’s demographic.
Specifically aimed at those who have a genuine passion for writing children’s fiction, this well-versed Diploma course is broken down into modules to help you as the student get to grips with your own learning style and structure. Throughout the course you will cover:
Delve deep into your mindset and uncover what it is about writing children’s books that really appeals to you, along with learning the difference between writing for a general audience and a specialist audience.
Learn what it takes to write a successful children’s book, personal skills you will need to have, and the skills that can be developed further throughout the duration of this course.
Time management is key when you’re crafting unique and creatively written content – here you will grasp the true importance of using your time wisely and efficiently.
Discover titles that other published children’s authors have written, what makes each one so appealing and how you can use these published examples to inspire your own writing.
Get to grips with books which are aimed at teenagers and young adults and learn to differentiate between writing for various age groups.
Learn everything there is to know about inventing strong characters, plot points and how to go about researching ideas for unique character development.
We pride ourselves on providing simple learning structures, so you can complete this course at a time that suits your way of life.
Add an array of creative skills to your CV and impress future publishing companies with your knowledge bank.
Watch as all of those hours of studying and hard work transform into a Diploma certification – another qualification you can add to your belt.
Master the art of writing for a children’s audience and expand the imaginations of your chosen demographic.
You will obtain a full working knowledge of how to perfect your finished novel manuscript, along with business aspects such as how to go about finding a publishing house or a literary agent.
This exciting course is ideal for writers, bloggers and budding authors looking to excel within the competitive industry that is children’s literature. Why not sign up today and learn lots of new

Units of Study
A Course on How to Write Children’s Books
What you’ll need to Write Children’s Literature in regards to Tools and Personal Skills
Learn from the Best: Great Examples of What Other Children’s Writers do Well
Selecting an Age Group Point of View: Who’s Telling the Story
How to Get Started From Getting the First page Spot-on to Creating the Perfect Setting
How to Build a Good Children’s Book Character
How to Plan a Perfect Plot
How to Use Backstory Without Being Boring
How to Write Dialogue that makes your Story Flow
Advice on Improving Confidence and Sense of Purpose
Practical Writing Exercises
Illustrating your Story and Working with Illustrators
How to Deal with Publishers and Selling your Stories

Course Details

Qualification = Other external awarded qualification

Awarding body = CPD

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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