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Achieving Sales on the Telephone

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This fantastic value online short course has been expertly put together to aid professionals in the often challenging and competitive world of telesales. Whether you’re keen to embark on a career in telesales or are already a telesales professional who wants to boost your success rate, this course will unlock strategies to get you ahead of the competition and advance your career. It’s also a great solution for companies looking to train staff in how to translate calls into sales.
What Will the Course Teach Me?
You’ll focus on a variety of techniques you can use to make sales on the telephone. These include identifying and implementing the key skills you need, improving your communication expertise, and understanding the customer’s needs and the potential barriers to making a sale that can occur during a call.
How Does It Work?
The course is split into five easy to follow modules that you are free to study in your own time and at your own pace. As there is no weekly class to attend or deadline to meet, you can easily fit your learning into your existing work and family commitments.
Progress through the six hours of course content to learn all you need to know about consistently achieving sales on the telephone.
Start with an introduction to working in telesales.
Identify the key skills a telephone salesperson requires to translate calls into sales.
Explore what makes people decide to buy something and how you can use these motivations to your advantage.
Learn strategies to communicate with people more effectively.
Gain an insight into neurolinguistic programming and how you can learn to use this technique naturally to aid success.
Find out how you can use call scripts to your advantage and personalise them to your own style and needs.
Get valuable information on how to learn about the products and services you sell and how to effectively present them to potential customers.
Learn strategies to build trust with potential customers and deal with any doubts or objections they may have.
Gain valuable insights on closing a sale and building repeat business with your customer.
Technical support is available, should it be needed.
Study online at your own pace on any internet-enable device, 24/7.
The competitive pricing and easy to access structure of the course makes it a great option for both individuals looking to boost their success in telesales and organisations wishing to provide training for staff.
There are no prerequisites for taking the course and you can benefit whether you’re new to telesales or you’re looking to hone your existing skills.
You can start learning as soon as you sign up and the course content is yours to access for l12 months.
Leave the telesales competition behind by signing up to the Achieving Sales on the Telephone Certificate today.

Units of Study
What Makes People Buy?
Call Scripts and Individual style
Your Product or Service and Business
Closing the Sale

Course Details

Qualification = Other external awarded qualification

Awarding body = CPD

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

5 reviews for Achieving Sales on the Telephone

  1. Babatope Loko

    Great learning techniques and theory. I’ve got a lot of new things to implement in my work

  2. Kay Merrill

    wow, that was intense! I am going to have to do it twice.

  3. John S.

    the lessons are incredibly well thought out and each body part covered in depth.

  4. Mariano Medina

    His method allows you to go at your most convenient pace. Reading the material then play along with the video is very helpful.

  5. Douglas Friedman

    I feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of it. I’m not great but I keep challenging myself and improving

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