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2014 Graphic Design & Webmaster 44 Course Package!

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Delve deep into graphic design and website development with this bumper 44 course package that will teach you everything that you need to know to get your creative cogs whirring and your software skills sharp. Join the thousands of designers and developers that find this industry rewarding, and embark on a career which can leave you with ultimate job satisfaction. Whether you choose to join an established team, or you want to go solo and offer your freelance professional services to a growing client base, is up to you. One thing’s for certain though – in our digital world, there will always be a need for people like you to provide professional, refined creations.
A Complete Course Covering All the Bases
With this cource, that is solely delivered online, you will learn all there is to know about building first class websites, from basic skills to more complex concepts. You will also dip into customising movies and sound files, adding interactivity to websites, and creating dazzling animated effects to create a user experience that your audience will want to stick around for. Once complete, you can choose to become Adobe ACE certified, so that all your expertise within this industry-leading franchise can be made official.
Manageable Study, Over 12 Months
With over a colossal 230 hours’ worth of study time, this course is undoubtedly one for those serious about their learning journey. Luckily, students will have a whole 12 months to progress through the course, which means the mammoth study time can be broken down into manageable chunks. With the topics covered though, it’s certainly worth the effort, and by the time you finish, you’ll be a pro across a complete sector of the industry!
This course would suit anybody who wishes to vastly expand their software knowledge and learn more about a variety of popular graphic design and webmaster programmes. The course covers both basic and more advanced skills, and anyone with a will to learn has the potential to succeed.
Explore the uses of Adobe Acrobat Pro, and learn how its PDF facilities can interweave with your workflow easily and efficiently.
Discover how Dreamweaver can help you to create professional looking websites using templates and customisations, and learn the basics of both CSS styling and HTML code.
Learn how to use Flex to create applications that can be used on the desktop as well as mobile devices.
Learn how to use the features of Muse to build fantastic websites, without having to delve into the code behind them.
Explore the Production Studio, which covers video, design, audio and DVD authoring applications and learn how to create incredible video and sound, each and every time.
Learn how After Effects can help you to refine your animation and graphic design projects to create professional results.
Get to grips with Adobe CS6 and learn how to use the products in an integrated format to create assets for print, web and digital products.
Learn more about CSS and XHTML so that you can customise web pages with code and styling.
Learn how to author DVDs like a professional with Encore.
Learn how to create user-friendly interfaces for touchscreen applications.
Get to grips with Flash and learn how to build functional and fabulous animations and images.
Learn how to draw and design like a professional, with Illustrator and Photoshop. Learn how to create patterns, textures and 3D effects to create visual masterpieces.
Explore Snow Leopard – Apple’s latest OS – and learn how to navigate it and use its facilities.
Learn how to complete a website makeover, so that the finished result is functional, polished and user-friendly.
Get to grips with the fundamental elements of WordPress, including how important it is as a basis for functional websites and blogs, and how easy it is to use by novices, without the need to be an expert in code.
Animate your artwork and designs, with Edge software. Employ HTML, JavaScript and CSS technologies to create the desired outcome.
Learn how to refine sound and audio clips with Audition, reducing noise and fine-tuning sounds.
Learn how to colour grade with SpeedGrade, to enhance an audience’s experience while watching your productions.
24/7 access to the course material means that you can sign in and use the courseware any time you like, providing you with flexibility and convenience.
Downloadable project material and reference guides so that you can print them ahead of tutorials and follow the syllabus with ease.
Fast forward, pause and revisit lessons to learn just how you want to learn.
New content upgrades are available for a full 12 months, in case the syllabus is updated during your study.
All students can qualify for huge discounts and offers via NUS registration.
Monitor your progress with self-assessment exercises.
Give your CV a massive boost with the long list of courses included in this package.
Make yourself invaluable as an employee with this huge boost to your skillset.
Dip into a variety of different creative media, to gain a clearer idea of where your interests and expertise lie.
Set yourself apart from your peers within a jobs market that is so competitive nowadays, with a broad range of skills to be proud of.
Get a massive headstart in the graphic design world by signing up to this huge bumper course package today!

Units of Study
Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe Flex 3
Adobe Muse
Adobe Production Studio: From Edit to Output
After Effects CS5: Essentials
After Effects CS6: Introduction & New Features
ASP.NET AJAXAdobe CS6 Design & Web Workflow
CSS & XHTML for Web Development
Dreamweaver CS5: Essentials
Dreamweaver CS6: Essentials
Encore CS5
Fireworks CS6Flash Professional CS6: Essentials
Illustrator CS6: Advanced
Illustrator CS6: Essentials
InDesign CS6: Essentials
Photoshop CS6 Extended: Essentials
Photoshop Elements 8
Photoshop Elements 9: What’s New
Photoshop Lightroom 2
Photoshop: Mastering Advanced Techniques
Premiere Elements
8Snow Leopard: Essentials
SolidWorks 2009: Fundamentals
Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover
WordPress Essentials for Business
WordPress Theme Selection & Customization
Word Press Back up Security & Performance
Photoshop CS5 Extended Essentials
Microsoft Expression Blend 4
Flash CS5 Professional Essentials
Edge Animate Essentials
Edge Animate Advanced
Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Workflow
Creative Suite 5 Design Workflow
Audition CS6
Adobe Edge Animate Essentials
Adobe Edge Animate Advanced
Speed Grade CCIllustrator CS5 Essentials
Acrobat X Pro: Essentials
Adobe Fireworks CS5
Flex 3: Rich Internet & AIR Applications

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

5 reviews for 2014 Graphic Design & Webmaster 44 Course Package!

  1. Um-e-Habiba

    Very informative, easy to understand as explains the content of the course very well and is a leader in the Graphic Design & Webmaster There is a lot to absorb at first, learning more than I ever expected in just the first Volume of these courses, I would recommend this course to anyone, wanting a career in Graphic Design & Webmaster , Small Business Owners, or for personal security of the files, and information you value. Eager to move on too the other courses in this series.

  2. Narendra Prabhu

    I had no previous exposure to any Graphic Design. I could still get a good understanding of the Graphic Design and am able to design just by following the videos and solving exercises. The barrier i had for learning Graphic Design is broken and I can take my skill higher with more practice.

    This is a well thought out course and easy to understand

  3. Suresh

    Very nice way of teaching..

  4. Noam Almog

    this is so far the best kind of class i been a part of!

    i learned new stuff i didn’t knew before and the way this teacher is providing the information is in such an easy going attitude that even a stupid man like me can understand and get the picture

  5. Nwaneri Precious

    so far so good.

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