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Wine Pairing and Tasting

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Bring out your inner sommelier and sign up to this wine pairing and tasting course that can ensure all students gain the knowledge and understanding that are required to match wines that complement every single meal. Educate yourself in the art of serving wine, and enhance any dining experience with paired wines that enhance the flavour and palatability of every course.
Complement Every Meal
Any connoisseur and foodie will appreciate the importance of carefully-matched wines with a meal. If wine is going to be indulged, it needs to have the right balance of flavours in order to complement, rather than overpower, every dish. In many fine dining establishments, this is why wine pairings are offered and upon completion of this course, you will understand some of the basics that you need to match wines successfully.
Taste the Grape
In addition, this course will touch upon the art of wine tasting, and how to evaluate and examine various wines using the senses. If you aspire to be someone who has a broad knowledge of the area, this course could be the perfect accompaniment to your love of the subject!
This course would be perfectly suited for people who work within the hospitality industry, particularly those who serve wine, are in a position to be asked for wine recommendations, or aspire to be a professional sommelier in the future. It may also be of interest to individuals who would like to learn more about wines and the ideal pairings that can be made.
  • Enjoy an introduction to the subject, including a brief overview of the categories of wines that exist, and popular countries and their regions that make them.
  • Delve a little deeper into the topic of white wines, what they can be paired with and why.
  • Learn more about temperature, glassware, storage and ratings.
  • Gain further insight into red wines, what types there are, and how best to pair them effectively.
  • Recognise the different types of wines that are available from some of the international regions that make some of the finest wines, including Europe, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Learn how to recognise the different flavours that can be found in wines, using senses including sight, taste and smell.
  • Convenient and flexible courseware means students can learn alongside other commitments.
  • Syllabus is split into manageable modules, so students can pace themselves and work through the content at a rate that suits them.
  • Take advantage of expert-led instructor training, with lectures that can be paused, rewound, repeated and fast forwarded, to allow for a personalised learning experience.
  • Variety of learning resources to help aid retention, including presentations, visual demonstrations, quizzes and exam simulators.
  • Social learning and networking via forums, contributions and study groups.
  • Have fun learning the content with flash cards and educational games.
  • Gain some fundamental knowledge of wine, how to pair various wines with dishes, and how to detect flavours through wine tasting.
  • Prove your new-found knowledge in your current job, or use your wine-related expertise to apply for a job role that requires it.
  • Work towards becoming a professional sommelier!
Whether you’re wishing to expand your knowledge of wine for professional, or personal, reasons, this course is a great place to start! Sign up today!
Units of Study
  • Introduction and White Wines
  • Glassware, Temperature, Storage and Ratings
  • Red Wines
  • Regions

1 review for Wine Pairing and Tasting

  1. Glenda

    I would definitely recommend this course and I already have to my younger brother.

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