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Understanding Dyslexia Diploma

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This great value online Dyslexia diploma is expertly designed to give both professionals and family members a valuable overview into the common condition of dyslexia. Whether you’re a teacher who needs an insight into how to cope with dyslexia in the classroom or a parent who wants to support their child at home, this full syllabus will guide you through what you need to know in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way.
What Will It Teach Me?
You’ll learn about what dyslexia is, how it manifests itself in learners and the effect it can have on all aspects of their lives. You’ll also focus on strategies and treatments designed to support sufferers and help them overcome the extra challenges they face in their learning experience.
How Do I Study?
All study takes place online, in a place and at a time of the learner’s choosing, meaning there is no pressure to attend a weekly class. Due to this, it’s the perfect solution for time-pressed people who need to fit their study around their existing commitments.
Progress through 14 easy-to-access modules that should take between 10-15 hours in total to complete.
Define dyslexia, learn about its symptoms and how these can affect the sufferer’s life.
Learn about different people in the community who can help with dyslexia.
Explore the possible causes of dyslexia including neurological causes.
Find out how dyslexia is diagnosed and how heredity can play a part.
Learn about the different types of reading deficits and understand which ones are related to dyslexia.
Discover the interventions and treatments used for different types of dyslexia.
Learn about the signs of different kinds of dyslexia.
Explore dyslexia and phonics starting with a definition of phonics.
Gain an insight into the importance of phonics in literacy and speech.
Find out how phonics is taught and how dyslexia affects the learning of phonics.
Learn why dyslexia causes individuals to struggle with writing and ways in which this problem can be overcome.
Discover how spelling is taught and where spelling-related issues orginate.
Gain an understanding of how dyslexia can affect speaking and listening skills and how a speech therapist can intervene with this.
Learn how speaking and listening skills contribute to reading and writing ability and how these can be improved.
Learn about dyscalculia and the challenges associated with this maths-related condition.
Explore dyslexia and science including how dyslexic students can learn physics, chemistry and biology.
Discover the relationship between dyslexia and art, music and creative writing.
Learn how dyslexia affects learning ESL (English as a Second Language).
Study the MSL (Multi-Sensory Structured Language) method of teaching languages to dyslexic people.
Explore the issues associated with living and working with dyslexia as an adult including spotting signs of dyslexia at work and dealing with reading and writing issues in the workplace.
Learn about conditions that often appear alongside dyslexia such as dyspraxia, ADD and ADHD.
Learn more about treatments for children with dyslexia including speech therapy and medication, including some treatments used for ADD and ADHD.
Explore why and when dyslexia can be classed as a disability and how the law protects disabled people.
Study in your own time on all your internet-enabled devices.
Access to the course is for 12 months, meaning there is no deadline to meet and you can refer back to the material whenever you need to.
Not only is the course cost effective, its easy-to-access structure makes it time effective too.
Technical support is on hand, should you run into problems.
Gaining the diploma proves your commitment to supporting people with dyslexia and could boost your career.
Begin the process of empowering those with dyslexia today by signing up to the Dyslexia Diploma.

Units of Study
What is Dyslexia?
The Causes and Diagnosis of Dyslexia
Types of Dyslexia
Dyslexia and Phonics
Dyslexia and Writing and Spelling
Dyslexia, Speaking and Listening
Dyslexia and Mathematics
Dyslexia and Science
Dyslexia and Creativity
Dyslexia for ESL (English as a Second Language) Learners
Living and Working with Dyslexia as an Adult
Co-Occurring Conditions with Dyslexia
Treatments and Support for Dyslexia
Dyslexia and the Law

Course Details

Qualification = Other external awarded qualification

Awarding body = CPD

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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  1. Brenda

    I enjoyed this course! I found it very insightful and a broad whole hearted approach to mindfulness.

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