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Official CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Training with Live Labs & Official Exam

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IT security is one of the most important things to an organisation, especially when technology and the potential threats to it are continuously evolving. It’s essential that any business or organisation can transmit and store data securely, and it’s IT security professionals that can help things run smoothly. A CompTIA Security+ certificate is a smart move for anyone looking for new opportunities or an IT security career, and this course and exam package is a flexible, convenient and good value way to help you achieve these goals.
What Will I Learn?
This course will enable an IT security professional to identify risk, join in with or run risk mitigation activities, and provide a range of services in the security field. This includes providing infrastructure, information, operational and application security. On completion of the course, and when you’re ready, you’ll take the included CompTIA Security+ exam (SYO-401), which covers foundation principles in securing a network, risk management, access control, identity management and cryptography.
Why Should I Invest?
CompTIA Security+ will give you an internationally recognised credential, and it could prove a valuable investment as you seek to take the next step in your IT career. This course is ideal for anyone that already holds CompTIA certification in other areas, and with the broader skillset that you’ll gain from this course, comes a wider range of job opportunities. Course leaders suggest you already hold the CompTIA Network+ certification and have two years of IT admin experience with a security focus, before taking the Security+ exam.
Complete a comprehensive interactive course that maps to the official exam which is also part of this package.
Learn how to measure and weigh risk, including how to develop policies and guidelines.
Look at monitoring and diagnosing networks, understanding hardening, how to secure networks, and differentiating between detection and prevention controls.
Gain an understanding of TCP/IP, how to design a secure network, and look at various infrastructure devices.
Run through the basics of access control, remote access connectivity, authentication services and how to implement access control best practice in your business.
Learn more about working with wireless systems and devices, and the wireless vulnerabilities you need to know about.
Master working with cloud computing, security and the cloud, and virtualisation.
Get to grips with host, data, and application security, including protecting data through fault tolerance and application security.
Work through an overview of cryptography, modern cryptography and using cryptographic systems, standards and protocols, and take a look at the use of public key infrastructure.
Gain an understanding of malware, how to survive virus attacks, the different types of attacks, and the tools you can use to find threats to a system or network.
Delve further into social engineering and physical security, and get to grips with environmental controls, control types, and data policies.
Study security administration as you also learn about third party integration, security awareness and training, complying with security and privacy rules, and admin for mobile devices.
Look at issues connected with business continuity and how to use penetration testing.
End the course with a range of useful video tutorials, which cover topics ranging from security fundamentals and risk, to access control and identity management.
Benefit from Live Labs that will enhance your practical learning experience.
A flexible learning course that you can easily fit in with your lifestyle.
Course lessons contain useful summaries and exam essentials to help you prepare for the exam.
Access to a range of pre and post assessments and challenge questions to map your progress.
A range of teaching tools, such as quizzes and flashcards, to keep you engaged.
Benefit from training and activities during the three years that will enable your credentials to re-new. This is part of the CompTIA Continuing Education program.
Security+ is an official CompTIA certification, with material developed and managed by a team of industry experts.
Relevant experience is recommended to take this exam, and course leaders suggest you already hold the CompTIA Network+ certification and have two years of IT admin experience with a security focus.
Units of Study
Further Info
Security Fundamentals
Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
Managing Data, Application, and Host Security
Implementing Network Security
Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management
Managing Certificates
Implementing Compliance and Operational Security
Risk Management
Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
Appendix A
Video Tutorials

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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