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Official CompTIA A+ Technician (220-901, 220-902) Training with Live Labs

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CompTIA is the globally recognised gold standard in providing certification for IT professionals. This great-value online package contains all the objectives of the nine domains that are covered in A+ exams 220-901 and 220-902 (exams not included).
Who is the Course For?
CompTIA A+ certification is a must for any IT professional who needs to prove their understanding of the most widely-used hardware and software technologies used by organisations all over the world and validate their skillset when it comes to supporting complex IT infrastructures. As a result of this, the course is suitable for both businesses looking for a training solution for IT staff and IT professionals who need to consolidate and certify their skills. It is also suitable for people looking to kick start their career in IT by taking professional certification, particularly if they have completed basic CompTIA IT training.
How Does It Work?
All study takes place online, making it the ideal study method for busy professionals and students who need to fit training around other commitments. With no deadlines to meet or weekly class to attend, you are free to work at your own pace and revisit learning until you are exam-ready.
Progress through the 31 hours of interactive modules to get exam-confident with CompTIA A+.
A+ (220-901) Domain 1: Hardware Course Session 1
Get a comprehensive introduction to A+.
Find out what you need to know about the BIOS.
Explore everything you need to know about motherboards.
Move on to RAM features and installing and configuring expansion cards.
Get to grips with storage devices and CPUs and cooling.
Gain understanding of PC connection interfaces.
Learn how to install a power supply.
Find out about custom PC configurations.
Get confident with display devices and connector types.
Learn about peripheral devices and installing printers.
Find out about printer technologies, processes and printer maintenance.
A+ (220-901) Domain 2: Networking Course Session 1
Get an introduction to networking.
Learn about network cables and connectors and their characteristics.
Explore TCP/IP properties and their characteristics.
Find out what you need to know about TCP and UDP.
Explore Wi-Fi networking and installing a SOHO router.
Focus on internet and network types.
Gain confidence with network architecture devices and networking tools.
A+ (220-901) Domain 3: Mobile Devices Course Session 1
Begin with a clear introduction to mobile devices.
Learn how to install and configure laptop hardware.
Take a close look at laptop display components and laptop features.
Explore other mobile devices and mobile connections and accessories.
A+ (220-901) Domain 4: Hardware and Network Troubleshooting Course Session 1
Start with the troubleshooting introduction.
Learn about common hardware, hard drive, display and network problems.
Explore command line tools and mobile device problems.
Get confident troubleshooting printers.
Work through some useful test preparation tips.
A+ (220-902) Domain 1: Windows Operating Systems Course Session 1
Use the introduction to find out how the course works.
Learn about the features of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Explore operating system installations.
A+ (220-902) Domain 1: Windows Operating Systems Course Session 2
Learn what you need to know about command line tools.
Find out about Microsoft operating system tools and system utilities.
A+ (220-902) Domain 1: Windows Operating Systems Course Session 3
Learn about Windows control panel utilities, Windows networking and Windows maintenance procedures.
A+ (220-902) Domain 2: Other Operating Systems and Technologies Course Session 1
Get an introduction to other operating systems and technologies.
Get to grips with Mac and Linux operating systems.
Take a look at client-side virtualisation and basic cloud concepts.
Learn about network services and mobile operating system features.
Get to grips with mobile device connectivity and email.
Find out about mobile device synchronisation.
A+ (220-902) Domain 3: Security Course Session 1
After the introduction, take a look at common threats and vulnerabilities and methods to prevent them.
Find out what you need to know about Windows security settings, workstation security and mobile device security.
Learn about data destruction and disposal and securing SOHO and wireless networks.
A+ (220-902) Domain 4: Software Troubleshooting Course Session 1
Get an introduction to troubleshooting software.
Explore how to troubleshoot PC operating systems.
Focus on PC and mobile security issues.
Learn about mobile OS and application issues.
A+ (220-902) Domain 5: Operational Procedures Course Session 1
After the introduction, take a look at safety procedures.
Focus on environmental impacts and prohibited content and privacy.
Learn about communication and professionalism and troubleshooting theory.
Prepare for the exam with test tips and practice questions.
Study at your own pace 24/7.
The two project workbooks included contain over 400 pages of practice exercises, consisting of hands-on labs, conceptual design exercises and troubleshooting exercises that will prepare you for the two A+ exams.
The workbooks map directly to the video portion of the series, making it simple to get the right training for each exam objective.
Access to the course material is for 12 months on signing up.
Technical support is available, should you encounter problems.
The course content contains everything you need to take your A+ exams in confidence.
Validating your skills by getting certified in A+ is a necessary step for IT professionals who want to progress in their careers and get noticed by employers.
Units of Study
Hardware Fundamentals
Operating System Fundamentals
Networking and Security Fundamentals
Safety and Operational Procedures
Supporting Display Devices
Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components
Managing System Components
Managing Data Storage
Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows
Optimizing and Maintaining Microsoft Windows
Working With Other Operating Systems
Customized Client Environments
Networking Technologies
Installing and Configuring Networking Capabilities
Supporting Mobile Digital Devices
Supporting Printers and Multifunction Devices
Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Controls
Implementing Security Controls
Troubleshooting System-Wide Issues
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Video Tutorials: 220-901
Video Tutorials: 220-902

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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