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MS Word 2016 with Exam

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Learn all there is to know about Microsoft Word with this set of three interactive courses. Cover three levels of learning about one of the most widely used computer programs across Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses, fully preparing you to use Microsoft Word at work or home.
What Will I Learn?
You’ll study a comprehensive range of topics across a total of 74 lessons with this great value Microsoft Word course package, leaving you with a wide knowledge of MS Word 2016 and an advanced practical skillset.
Is this Course for me?
MS Word is widely used in businesses and organisations, so advanced skills in this computer program will make a great addition to any CV. It’s ideal for job-seekers and those looking to advance their careers further. It’s also useful for those who want to utilise Word at home. Flexible online learning makes this a great choice for those who prefer to learn at their own pace, without the commitment of fixed weekly lessons to attend.
Work through the three MS Word 2016 courses at your own pace to progress your skillset to an advanced level.
MS Word 2016: Introduction
  • Follow 23 lessons totalling approx 12 study hours.
  • Familiarise yourself with the program interface and navigation.
  • Learn to enter basic text and check spelling and grammar.
  • Examine the options of formatting text and whole paragraphs.
  • Study the basic settings before printing a document, including page setup and inserting headers and footers.
MS Word 2016: Intermediate
  • Follow 25 lessons totalling approx 13 study hours.
  • Learn to adjust the program environment to your specific needs.
  • Practise effective formatting of text by using styles.
  • Apply the template offered by the program to create well designed documents.
  • Examine the creation and editing of tables to better arrange the data of a list of records.
  • Learn to insert various graphical objects to documents, including pictures, charts, SmartArt graphics and shapes.
  • Try out their further editing directly in Word.
MS Word 2016: Advanced
  • Follow 26 lessons across approx 13 study hours.
  • Focus on the tools used mainly for editing longer documents or for automating the work in the program.
  • Learn to split the documents into sections to insert various headers and footers into different pages.
  • Insert a title page and set a watermark.
  • Study how to create a table of contents based on document headings, how to number inserted pages and other objects, and how to create their automatic list.
  • Learn to use fields, hyperlinks and cross-references, and footnotes and endnotes.
  • Familiarise yourself with the tools used when multiple users work on the same document such as notes, tracking performed changed and creating subdocuments.
What Is The Microsoft Office Word 2016 Core Exam?
This exam will focus on documents and the 3 Cs: creation, collaboration and communication. You can expect to be tested on a range of technical tasks that will demonstrate a solid understanding of the MS Word 2016 environment, different types of documents you can create, and how to create and edit them for a variety of different situations. You’ll be proficient in business reports, multi-column newsletters, CVs, and other business material.
  • Creating documents – including creating blank files using templates, how to open a PDF and enable editing, and how to insert text elements from external sources or other files.
  • Navigation through documents – you might search for text, create bookmarks or locate a specific object in a document.
  • Different formatting tasks – from applying document themes and inserting page numbers to formatting of different background elements.
  • Customisation tasks – using zoom settings, the quick access toolbar, adding document properties, and how to show and hide formatting symbols.
  • How to perform print and save functions – including saving to different file formats, printing some or all of a file, and inspecting documents for accessibility or compatibility issues.
  • Performing tasks around text formatting – could focus on inserting and formatting text and paragraphs, or ordering and grouping text in a document, such as formatting text columns, and inserting page and column breaks.
  • Questions on tables and lists – you could be asked about creating tables, converting text to tables, or specifying rows and columns in a table.
  • Modifying tables – topics include sorting table data, configuration of cell margins and spacing, and performing tasks to merge or split cells and tables.
  • All about lists – look out for tasks on numbered or bulleted lists, defining custom bullet characters and increasing/decreasing list levels. You may also be asked to set starting number values.
  • Reference markers – topics may include modifying footnotes and endnotes, creating and modifying bibliography citation sources, and inserting captions for figures and tables.
  • Study at your own pace at a time that suits you.
  • This three course package is fantastic value for money, taking you through introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of learning.<.li>
  • Boost your IT skills with all you need to know about MS Word 2016.
  • Add practical and sought-after word processing skills to your CV.
  • Boost your career progression or use your skills for personal benefit at home.
  • Technical support available if needed.
  • Have access to the course content for 12 months.
  • Businesses can purchase official exams as part of their staff development plans.
  • Great opportunity to become qualified whether you use Word for work or business use.
  • Official recognition of your MS Word skills can help your career or salary prospects.
  • Learn more about the MS Word environment to help your personal projects -from writing a book, to marketing or admin tasks for your small business.
  • Gain a recognised qualification that will help with your degree course or in the future post-university.
Units of Study
  • MS Word 2016: Introduction
  • MS Word 2016: Intermediate
  • MS Word 2016: Advanced

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