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MS Outlook 2016 with Exam

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Outlook is a popular part of the MS Office suite, and this comprehensive set of three courses will take you from beginner to advanced level operation of this popular mail client and personal organiser programme. These courses are guided by a virtual teacher, who will lead you through a series of online lessons that you can study independently, at your own pace. A variety of teaching tools and exercises, along with your own study time and practice, will ensure you come away from this course package with a sound knowledge of all the functions of Outlook and how to apply them in the workplace, or your day to day life. A total of 58 lessons (approximately 29 study hours) make up this course package, which contains all you need to know about MS Outlook 2016.
What Will I Learn?
MS Outlook is predominately an email application, so you will quickly get to grips with managing your emails, and sending/receiving messages through the program. Learners will test the various tools for organising messages, and explore the address book function. You’ll also learn about the program’s other features including calendar, task manager and the note taking section.
Who Is This For?
This three course package is a fast track to getting to grips with Microsoft Outlook 2016. It’s ideal for anyone looking for training that they can then apply in the workplace, but the functions are also great for busy people to use in day to day life, or for planning help with big events/occasions. Learners will benefit from the flexible learning environment where they can study anytime or place.
Take your computer-based communication and organisation skills to an advanced level by mastering these three interactive courses.
MS Outlook 2016 Introduction
  • Get familiar with the user interface and Outlook software.
  • Begin with sending and receiving messages.
  • Learn how to print messages.
  • Try out the tools used to organise messages on the system.
  • Work with message attachments.
  • Learn how to create and set up an automatic reply.
  • Familiarise yourself with rules for auto processing of sent and received messages.
  • Try sending a message with a questionnaire to fill out.
  • Learn how to use a range of tools that will make emailing easier.
MS Outlook 2016 Intermediate
  • Learn to use the calendar function and how to plan your appointments.
  • Familiarise yourself with the task folder and how to use it to monitor activities.
  • Try out the note-taking function to keep records of your ideas.
  • Look into the journal folder and how to record details in the interface.
  • Further look into managing contacts and sending messages to them.
  • Take lessons that work with the address book.
  • Learn how to print items individually from the entire mail system.
MS Outlook 2016 Advanced
  • Start organising appointments using the calendar.
  • Learn how to assign different tasks to work colleagues.
  • Get to grips with the follow-up of assigned tasks and their fulfilment.
  • Look into how to import and export Outlook data.
  • Learn how to share your Outlook data with other users.
  • Become familiar with data files and how to create custom forms.
What Is The MOS Microsoft Outlook 2016 Core Exam?
This is an official Microsoft exam which is part of the Microsoft Office Specialist series. It can stand alone, or be used as credit towards eventual MOS full certification. The exam looks at core communication and email skills, and how to use the functions in Outlook to collaborate with colleagues. The exam may ask you to perform a range of tasks that configure various settings, use various parts of the program like Quick Parts, or generally create messages, schedules and contact groups.
  • Settings – customising reply messages, altering text format for outgoing messages, configuring reviews and the navigation pane, adding accounts, or managing multiple accounts.
  • Saving or printing information – this could include printing calendar, contact or task details, saving message attachments, or saving messages in alternative formats.
  • Search options in Outlook – you could be tested on creating new search folders, searching for specific details in messages, tasks or contacts, and advanced find functions.
  • Configuring mail settings – this may feature font settings for new messages and replies, creating and modifying signatures, managing rules, automatic replies, junk mail and clutter settings, or using Quick Parts.
  • Creating and adding to messages – adding or removing attachments in emails, using CC and BCC in a message, tracking and voting options, forward and reply functions, setting up a delivery or read receipt, re-directing replies, flagging messages for follow ups, or recalling emails.
  • Message Format options – this includes text formatting, hyperlinks, adding themes and styles, and adding a signature.
  • Message organisation – you could be asked to sort or move messages, work with message folders, message clean-up, applying categories, sorting messages by conversation, or automating repetitive tasks.
  • A great value course that starts you off a beginner, moving quickly up to advanced level skills.
  • An official Microsoft Outlook course so you can have full confidence in all the material.
  • Track your learning journey and progress with a pre-assessment and final test.
  • Each individual task is corrected if needed, so you can identify any mistakes and make improvements.
  • The user interface has a search function to help you tailor your own learning journey to suit your needs.
  • If MS Outlook is an important part of your working life, or may be in future job roles, then this course package has all the material you’ll need to become a competent user.
  • This set of interactive courses will impress on any CV, especially as Outlook plays an important role in so many business operations.
  • Be tested and certified to Microsoft Office Specialist standards.
  • Refresh or update your knowledge of Microsoft Outlook 2016 and all its features.
  • Each exam in the MOS series stands up on its own or can be used as credit towards full Microsoft Office Specialist accreditation.
  • Prove your skills in using one of the most widely used and applied communication programmes.
  • Stand out from the crowd with recognised computer skills.
Units of Study
  • MS Outlook 2016: Introduction
  • MS Outlook 2016: Intermediate
  • MS Outlook 2016: Advanced


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