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CACHE Endorsed – Parenting

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Parenthood can be tough – any parent, no matter how old their children, will agree with that. When a new baby comes along, the sheer volume of information that you need to get your ahead around can be a daunting prospect, especially when others are keen to give their individual advice on every parenting subject going.
Whether you’re a new parent or not, the syllabus covered in this course that is aimed at Academic Level course can help to support the natural learning curve that you will follow as you embark upon your parenting journey. Complete the course, and take the easy-to-navigate multiple choice assessment to confirm your new-found knowledge.
Ease your Anxieties
With the help of three tutorials, supporting documents, activities and extra reading, you can help to prepare yourself for the incredibly rewarding adventure that is watching your children grow and thrive, knowing that you are one of the major reasons for their happiness.
This course is primarily aimed at parents of any age and those considering becoming parents. It can also be a useful resource for grandparents who wish to support their children as they become parents. The course, which looks at some of the essentials of parenting, will help you to:
Recognise some of the key things that a baby needs when being cared for, and the responsibilities that a parent has to ensure these needs are met, including good health and nutrition.
Identify some of the various regulations that can change in accordance with the latest research, including safe sleeping and weaning.
Understand some of the main priorities that need to be addressed to ensure a safe environment for a child’s upbringing.
Understand the importance of attachment, for both parent and baby.
Learn about the dangers that smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol can have on both the health of the parent and the child. Understand the effects of passive smoking, and the support that is available for those who want to stop.
Address some of the concerns that a new parent may have when bringing their baby home from the hospital for the first time.
Identify the various types of support that are available to help a parent when they need it.
Look at some of the common childhood illnesses, and briefly cover child development and child safety.
Learn some of the essential information needed as a parent. Written resources can help to support the practical, hands-on knowledge that you’ll learn along the way.
Have access to the government’s definitions of parental rights and responsibilities at the click of a button.
Additional activities also included, in various media forms, including tutorials, videos, documents and activities, to aid your learning journey.
Suggested extra reading also available if students wish to expand their knowledge further.
Technical support is available, should students need help using the courseware at any stage.
Boost your confidence and ease any inevitable anxieties; even the most-prepared parents can be in for a shock when children arrive, and it’s support like this that can help you through!
Help settle those new parent nerves, and sign up to this course today!
CACHE Endorsed Certificate(s) Included.
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  1. Himalaya

    It’s a very helpful course for the starters and they give you the brief knowledge of almost every data science model. It helps me a lot.

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