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CACHE Endorsed – Inclusion

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True inclusion, that takes into account all of the support systems that are available, can help to promote equality and diversity in society. Children should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, irrespective of their background, race or gender, and regardless of whether they experience learning difficulties or have a disability. This course is aimed at Academic Level which helps to promote inclusion, within the EYFS framework, so that everyone within a learning environment can be treated equally and without discrimination.
Challenge Discrimination
With the relevant legislation and statutory guidance in place, in the form of the EYFS framework, practitioners can learn to help every child reach their full potential, and have an excellent start in life, no matter what their circumstance. This in-depth course will help students to ensure solutions are available should inclusion problems arise.
Everybody’s Different
Sign up to this course and you can help to promote individuality, positivity and anti-discriminatory practice in your childcare setting – not just because it’s the law, but because of a mutual respect for others.
The course is primarily aimed at practitioners working within a nursery setting. However, other childcare professionals may also benefit from the knowledge gained by signing up to this course.
Learn how to use inclusion in settings to help the development of communities where all people are equally valued and have the same opportunities for participation.
Identify the barriers that stop people from participating in activities fully. Understand what causes these barriers, such as disabilities, learning difficulties, cultural differences and language barriers, and try to find solutions to help people overcome them.
Understand the importance of adapting activities so that those with additional needs can be included alongside their peers.
Learn about some of the ways in which practitioners can promote diversity, equality and inclusion. Learn how to support others to do so, as well.
Get to grips with some of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework, particularly the paragraphs related to inclusive practice. Work through the four related EYFS 2008 Principles in Practice cards that should be readily available in your work environment (and also downloadable via the Department for Education (DfE) website).
Use PowerPoint presentations to help fully understand inclusion and the SEND Code of Practice 2015.
Study online using the courseware, which can be used at any time of the day, any day of the year. There’s no need to think about work placements or travelling to teaching facilities – everything you need is available at the click of your mouse. All you need is your internet connection.
Study at home, or on the move, with access across various platforms.
Follow this course alongside work, study or other commitments.
Technical support is available if students run into difficulty using the courseware.
Videos, presentations, tutorials, activity sheets and quizzes available as part of the syllabus, to ensure students can use a variety of media to learn the course content.
Plenty of recommended reading also available, with links and downloadable resources, to further a student’s knowledge and expand their expertise.
Multiple choice assessment to complete the unit, which can be submitted online to see your progression.
Learn the fundamental concepts that will help to give every child a chance to reach their full potential.
Add an extra facet to your career development as a childcare professional, or add to your CV to make you a more attractive prospect to employers.
Give every child a positive start in life by ensuring exclusion in your workplace is non-existent. Sign up and learn the basics principles of inclusion, today!
CACHE Endorsed Certificate(s) Included.
This Cache endorsed course is delivered by Laser learning our official partner.

2 reviews for CACHE Endorsed – Inclusion

  1. Noel

    Great for beginners. I was confused at my real classroom course, this online version picked me up from scratch.

  2. Isaac

    Even though the lessons were clear and well explained. There were some topics that needed more explanation or examples.

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