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CACHE Endorsed – An Introduction to Nannying

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For many busy families, childcare, whether in a preschool, nursery or with a childminder or nanny, is essential. But while there’s a large demand for childcare providers, parents need to know that the person they are leaving in charge of their children is capable and trustworthy.
Nanny for a Modern Family
If you can imagine yourself being that person, the role of nanny for a modern family could be right for you. Watching children grow, develop and learn in a safe and happy environment can be a hugely rewarding and satisfying experience, and as a nanny, you could have the fortune of providing parents with a stable support for their children, when they’re unable to be there.
Learn Fundamental Principles
Set off on your journey to becoming a fully qualified and experienced nanny.This course that is aimed at Academic Level 2 certificate and learning some of the fundamentals that form the Nanny profession. With four modules covering the child, the employer, the professional nanny and health and safety. If you have a love for childcare and have the patience and the motivation to make it your career, sign up today and take your first baby steps towards achieving your dream!
This foundation course would be an ideal starting block for anyone wishing to study towards a career in childcare. Nannies are an integral part of many families around the country and abroad, and qualifications such as this one form the backbone of any nanny’s skill profile.
Learn about the essential role of the professional nanny and how to handle the inevitable challenges involved with working in such a relaxed and personal environment.
Get to grips with the importance of a routine, and why, even in its simplest form, an established routine is an essential foundation to any day. Learn more about some of the various elements of a routine, such as nap times, hygiene, meal times and organised events.
Appreciate the significance of time management, and how it is a crucial skill for any nanny. Learn how to plan ahead and organise events and ideas in advance, including the use of the television as an educational tool.
Learn about the importance of respect, professional boundaries, confidentiality and good communication, to ensure the relationship between nanny and parent is one built on mutual respect for each other.
Understand some of the basic, essential requirements needed to become a professional nanny, including the necessary paperwork, training, registrations and liability involved.
Identify the five key aspects of health and safety that need to be considered, and the importance of risk assessment.
Study material that has been developed with the British Association of Professional Nannies (BAPN) – you’re learning from the best.
Take advantage of written course material, tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, activity sheets and multimedia resources to provide you with in-depth information about the role of a professional nanny. Varied learning resources will help to hold your attention and maintain your motivation to learn and work through the syllabus.
Gain essential knowledge that can be added to your CV to boost your chances of bagging a job and staying a step ahead of the competition.
Assessment via four easy to navigate sets of ten multiple choice questions.
No need to be currently working with children to complete the course; study in advance of prospective job role, in-between or alongside childcare positions.
Extended learning and independent study opportunities are available, should students wish to read further around the subject area, including links to websites, recommended reading, useful guidance notes and self-evaluations.
Work towards becoming a qualified nanny, and benefit from holding a unique, rewarding and fun position that is essential to many modern families.
Learn at your own pace, whenever time allows. Course material is delivered online, and can be accessed at any point, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. There are no deadlines, other than the ones you may set yourself.
Technical support is on hand, should you need help using the courseware at any point.
Could you provide the extra childcare support that a family needs? Set yourself on the way to a rewarding, fulfilling and important role with this convenient introduction to nannying course.

3 reviews for CACHE Endorsed – An Introduction to Nannying

  1. Bernadette

    I really enjoyed the demonstrations, the lateral thinking about how to draw, discovering concepts

  2. Parker

    Brent is easy to follow and the instructions are step by step. I don’t feel overwhelmed. Yet!

  3. Foden

    Up to now, I think so. Think I’m managing to keep up! Thanks.

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