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Beginners Crash Course to Coding for Apple Watch

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Want to learn one of the newest and fastest growing coding languages in the world? Then look no further with Swift, developed by tech giants Apple.
One of their more recent innovations, the Apple Watch, makes use of their latest coding language, and runs on Swift. The Apple Watch has become the next step in technological advancements, with wearable technologies becoming the latest must-have gadget. This course will teach you how to create and develop apps for WatchOS using Swift.
What is watchOS?
WatchOS is a mobile operating system, developed by Apple, exclusively for the AppleWatch. It is based on the iOS operating system, possessing many similar features which give the AppleWatch the authentic feel which fits nicely with the rest of their range of user-friendly, consumer-centric products.
What will I learn?
This course is perfect for beginners, and there are no educational requirements, however you will need a Mac computer with Xcode8 in order to complete this course.
You will learn how to build and write apps for WatchOS, one of Apple’s fastest selling products.
Learn the fundamentals of making apps in Xcode and Swift for WatchOS
Understand how to leverage what you learn to other Apple platforms
You will also learn how to write apps that integrate with Apple HealthKit
Understand the design and functionality of a watchOS app
Learn how to build a simple app of your own in Xcode
One of the main advantages of learning Swift and developing for WatchOS, above other languages, is that this is a relatively new language, that will only grow in the coming years. Unlike languages like HTML, CSS or JavaScript, there aren’t as many people skilled in writing apps and programs in Swift.
Develop an exclusive skillset in writing apps and programs in Swift, which is a rare commodity in programming today.
Develop apps for the AppleWatch – one of the latest and most popular wearable gadgets in the world.
Build a simple app of your own to develop your practical experience and display your programming prowess.
This course is taught by a highly-experienced instructor.
24/7 access to the course content over 12 months.
Ideal course for beginners who wish to build their knowledge, utilising an up-and-coming programming language.
Units of Study

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

4 reviews for Beginners Crash Course to Coding for Apple Watch

  1. Banks

    Instructor delivered the material nicely and is easy to understand.

  2. Sioulas

    I plan on applying for a job overseas and although i think i know a couple of things about creating an interesting cv, your course showed me how much more i can improve my cv and more importantly the mechanics behind creating a powerful cv!

  3. Castilla

    It is fairly easy to follow and understand. Engaging. Extremely helpful to write resumes and prepare for interviews.

  4. MEL BRANDY (store manager)

    These are really good and important tools to have to be able to ensure a successful future.

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