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Becoming a Linux Server Admin




The Becoming a Linux Server Administrator covers managing Linux servers in a business environment. Topics covered include installing Linux as a server, managing networking and troubleshooting the OS. Other episodes demonstrate how to configure a web server, a file server, and other common servers. The primary goal of the course is to help system administrators learn to deploy and support the Linux operating system as a server platform.

System services
User Administration
File System Security and Management
Advanced File System Management
Server Configurations
Shell Scripting and Kerberos


Before attending this course, candidate must have:Knowledge of the basic components of Linux.
Target Audience

Software Developers and IT Professionals
Linux Developers and Administrators

Course Details


Duration = 12 Hours

Access to content = 12 Months

Qualification = No formal qualification

Additional info  = Tutor is available to students

Certificate of completion available and is included in the price


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