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WordPress Diploma

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This easy to follow online WordPress diploma course is ideal for those who want to set up and manage a website using WordPress, which is one of the most popular blogging and website content management systems in the world. 30 interactive video-based modules will guide you through all you need to know to master the key skills needed to use the main functionalities of WordPress easily and effectively.
What Will I Learn About WordPress?
As you work through the course, you will build your knowledge from the very basics of this online website and blog creation tool, to more advanced features including creating new pages, using and customising widgets, installing Plugins and much more.
Who Is The WordPress Diploma For?
This course is for anyone who wants to achieve a good working knowledge of WordPress, with the end goal of building and maintaining a website. It may be that you have some entry-level experience with WordPress and wish to develop and formalise your skills. Or perhaps you’re completely unfamiliar with this content management system – in which case this course will guide you through step-by-step.
The skillset you gain will empower to put your website aspirations into practice, whether that involves setting up a personal or company blog, creating and maintaining a website for your small business, building a website for a personal project or a club or charity you volunteer for, or pursuing a career that requires WordPress skills.
Work through 30 modules crammed with valuable content before testing your WordPress skills with an end of course test (included).
Find out about the key features of WordPress and how to install it to your PC.
Learn how to navigate WordPress, including updates, settings and menus.
Explore how to create, manage and publish posts on your website, including using the ‘preview’ function.
Learn how to use categories and tags to organise your website.
Discover how to create and publish new pages, incorporating headings, media and content.
Learn to install, customise and manage website themes, including formatting text and inserting lists, links and tables.
Work with the Media Centre to make the best use of images and videos on your website, and optimise photo galleries and sliders.
Learn to administer permissions for different types of user on your WordPress site.
Enhance your website with customised widgets.
Choose and install the most effective Plugins for your site.
Learn to effectively manage user comments and contact forms.
There are no pre-requisites for the course and it is designed with new WordPress users in mind.
Students with a basic knowledge of WordPress will also find the course beneficial in advancing their skills.
Download or have your diploma posted to you at the end of the course to prove your new WordPress skills.
Begin the course immediately.
WordPress and CMS skills are sought-after and will look great on your CV.
Mastering WordPress will empower you in your personal projects such as blogging or creating hobby websites.
Units of Study
Introduction to WordPress and Resources Required to Install it
Installing XAMPP Server on Local Host
Installing WordPress on Local Host
Overview of WordPress Navigation
What is a Post and Creating Your First Post
What is a Category and Creating a Category
What is a Tag and How to Use a Tag
What is a Page and Creating a Page
Publishing Posts and Pages
Editing Pages, Deleting Pages, Using Preview
Editing Posts, Deleting Posts, Using Preview
Formatting Text
Working with Images
Working with Video
Insert Lists, Links and Tables
Understanding Users
Understanding Tools and Set Up Site on Live Server from Local Host
Understanding Settings
Installing a WP Theme
Customise Themes
Theme Settings
Using Widgets
Using Menus
What is a Plugin?
Finding and Installing Plugins
Using a Contact Form
Adding a Photo Gallery
Adding Sliders
Comments and Settings
Security and Maintenance of WordPress

1 review for WordPress Diploma

  1. Jane

    I really enjoyed the course, it challenged me in parts which I became mindfully aware of and as to why. It is a long course, so set aside a few hours each day, and take your time with it. Would recommend.

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