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Windows 7 for Dummies

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Making good use of a personal computer requires understanding how to navigate and manage the operating system. We have partnered with the world-famous ‘For Dummies®’ brand to develop a user-friendly online learning course to help anyone get to grips with the world’s most popular operating system: Microsoft Windows 7.
Getting the most out of Windows 7 starts with understanding the basics, and that is where this comprehensive course begins. No prior knowledge is required, as students will begin with the fundamentals of logging on to the computer and finding and launching programs. Students with a working knowledge of their PC will be able to quickly complete these introductory lessons and move on to learn about connecting their computer to a network, setting up user accounts, and performing routine maintenance.
Many people find that computers can make them feel challenged or stressed. Enrolling in the Windows 7 for Dummies course will give you everything you need to know to find your way around your PC quickly, easily and stress-free. Learn the tricks and shortcuts used by IT professionals to get things done the fast way, and see just how much time and energy you will save. Be the computer genius in your home or office and get the most out of Microsoft’s most popular and user-friendly Windows platform. This course can show you how to get your computer to do what you want, when you want it.
Jump right in to learning how to get the most out of Windows 7, no matter your level of experience. Begin with the basics of starting up and logging on, or fast forward to more complicated tips, tricks and tools; you can use the interactive assessment tasks to check your understanding along the way. The Windows 7 for Dummies course is aimed at anyone who knows that they could be achieving more with their computer but needs help to find out how.
Basic Functions:
Starting up and logging on to Windows 7.
Installing, running and managing programs.
Making full use of the desktop, start menu and ‘My Computer’ windows.
Saving and sorting files and folders to ensure nothing is ever lost.
Playing music and games.
Connecting to the Internet and using email.
Advanced Functions:
Using hotkeys and shortcuts to get things done more quickly and easily.
Establishing and maintaining user accounts and passwords.
Using administrator tools to keep your machine safe and running smoothly.
Keeping safe online using parental controls and Windows Defender.
Setting up and connecting to a network to share between different machines and printers.
Performing self-maintenance such as troubleshooting and disk error checking to keep your computer running smoothly.
Speeding up the computer by automatically reorganising the hard drive.
Finding and using the inbuilt system tools that most users don’t know about (plus, knowing about these tools can help you avoid being duped by telephone scam artists!).
Professional tips and tricks to get programs talking to one another, saving you time and effort.
Not only will you test your knowledge, you’ll be given the opportunity to try everything out for yourself with structured challenges to tackle at your own pace. Be rewarded with a smoother, faster and friendlier computer experience when you know how to make the most of Windows 7.
Mastering Windows 7 helps individuals get more out of their computer, making them more effective at both home and work. Other benefits include:
Develop confidence and competence in using the world’s most popular operating system.
Save money on computer repair by learning to use Windows 7 tools to run maintenance on your PC.
Improve efficiency using Microsoft Windows 7 at home or in the office.
Learn work-ready skills for administrative jobs and other computer-based employment.
Find a personal style to help you operate Microsoft Windows with maximum ease and speed.
Protect yourself, your family and your computer by making full use of the free tools included with your PC.
The Windows 7 for dummies course is an essential step towards full PC competency, helping individuals improve their skills and on-the-job performance.

1 review for Windows 7 for Dummies

  1. Ferris

    Brilliant course! No mantras or breathing exercises, just a totally fresh perspective on these ancient ideas that’s easily applicable to life in the modern world.

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