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The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Designer

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If you’ve got ambitions to become a designer then you’ve come to the right place for career guidance and practical knowledge. This exciting course is one for the creatives, and covers many aspects of getting started in design, as well as insight into the programs and tools of the trade that you’ll be using. Design offers many career possibilities, from merchandise and magazines, to packaging artwork and much more. Led by an industry professional with a wealth of experience, this ‘ultimate guide’ is ideal for anyone considering a career in design, who needs some help getting started.
What Does the Course Include?
As a flexible e-learning course, you can follow these modules at your own pace, with topics broken down into several main sections. You’ll start by learning more about the job of a designer and the qualities needed to succeed in the industry, with a look at creative workspaces and some of the basic tools that you’ll need. Your instructor will then introduce popular computer applications that are commonly used, such as Photoshop and InDesign, before covering the essential skills you’ll need to develop. You’ll also look at the different fields of design, and different ways to become known in your field of choice.
Why Invest in this Course?
This course is a wise choice because it has carefully put together all the questions you’d want answered about a career in design. With its flexible e-learning options, and the inclusion of practical tips and guidance, it’s a great way to see what’s involved and what you’ll need to do to make an impact in the competitive design world.
Learn more about the role of a designer and the tools of the trade, across two hours of video tutorial content.
Job Overview
Introduction to being a designer.
Discover the qualities needed to be a successful designer.
Find out the typical salary of a designer.
Look at the investments you need to make (including tools, subscriptions and books).
Compare full time versus freelance work.
Look at deciding where to work (home or office).
Understand how lifelong learning applies to design.
Workspace Topics
Take a look at chairs and desks.
Learn why a pin board and bookshelf are sound investments.
Look at your desktop as a designer.
Tools Of The Trade
Discussion on computers & screens.
Look at storage and back-up options & requirements.
Compare Wacom tablets versus pen displays.
Study cameras, mobile phones and tablets.
Computer Applications – Look at the following:
Adobe Photoshop – image and photo editing software.
Adobe Illustrator – professional design and artwork software.
Adobe InDesign – desktop publishing application for posters, flyers and more.
Adobe Acrobat – read, view, or create PDF files.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – powerful photo editing tool and slideshow creator.
Adobe Bridge – Digital asset management tool.
Essential Skills
Study composition and layout.
The digital image theory.
Gain file management insight.
Look at layers, colours and selections.
Using the pen or brush tools.
Adjustments, image editing, and a look a filters.
Look at the different elements of typography.
Study images in InDesign.
How to trace images.
RAW & cameras.
Introduction to specialisation.
Look at designing for print.
Digital art design.
Designing for online – web, tablet & mobile.
Photo retouching skills.
Becoming Known In The Industry
Where to find inspiration – websites, exhibitions, events and books.
How to keep track of your projects & tasks.
Contests and crowdsourcing.
Learn how to best share your work.
Blogging and screencasting (recording computer screen output with narration).
Look at building a portfolio.
Discover the benefit of work experience.
Building a creative CV.
Job applications and interview techniques.
What’s your next step?
A well-structured course that covers all the main career and practical topics surrounding design.
Flexible, online learning platform that you can access whenever you want, at a time to suit your lifestyle.
Become familiar with the common software and tools designers use.
Find out how to become known as a designer, and the next steps you should take in your career.
Boost your confidence and creativity with this easy to follow course.
Affordable short course packed full of content.

Units of Study
Should I be a Designer?
Essential Skills
Getting Recognized
What’s next?

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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