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Stress Management in the Workplace



Potentially stressful situations are a fact of life in the fast-paced world of work. However, stress can become a serious condition, adversely affecting lives and costing businesses millions in lost hours due to sickness when it is not managed properly. This short online course is designed for individuals and organisations who wish to implement strategies to positively manage stress with the aim of making the workplace a happier and more productive place.
What Does the Course Involve?
You’ll begin by exploring what stress actually is and how it can affect different people in different ways in their day-to-day working lives. Next, you’ll look at ways that stress can be managed and overcome, both for you and in your interactions with your colleagues. Importantly, there is a focus on the fact that problems and difficulties will always occur but it’s the way we react to them that matters when we are trying to reduce stress.
How Do I Learn?
All study takes place online meaning there is no deadline to meet or weekly class to attend. The six easy-to-follow modules are designed to be accessed around your other commitments, making the learning experience achievable and stress-free.
Progress through the seven hours of course content to take control of stress in the workplace.
Learn about what stress is and the various forms it can take.
Find out what can be done to manage stress in the workplace.
Discover strategies to manage your own stress levels by boosting your confidence at work.
Gain an understanding of burnout and how stress forms and builds.
Explore the effects of stress on the body.
Find out about strategies to cope with stress and manage it in a positive way.
Take a look at ways to respond to both positive and negative feedback at work, with the aim of minimising stress.
Find out more about dealing with potentially stressful work-based situations.
Learn about the role your body language has in causing or mitigating stress.
Create your own personal action plan to deal with the specific issues you face at work in relation to stress.
Learn on all your internet-enabled devices, 24/7.
As online learning is both a time and cost effective way to study, it is also a stress-free one.
Technical support is available should it be needed.
Six manageable modules make it easy to fit learning into your daily routine,
Access to the course is for 12 months, meaning there are no deadline pressures.
Start learning as soon as you pay securely.
Proving your commitment to reducing stress, both for yourself and in others in the workplace, is an attractive asset that will get you noticed by employers and appreciated by colleagues.
Reduce stress the easy way by signing up to the Stress Management in the Workplace Certificate today.

Units of Study
What Is Stress?
Individual Perceptions of Stress
Developing Face-To-Face Confidence
Handling Objections
Encouraging and Responding to Positive and Negative Feedback
Using Your Body Language for Impact


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