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Professional Painter & Decorator Diploma

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Learning a practical, hands-on trade could set you on a fantastic new career path, and if you’ve always had an interest in painting and decorating, this short course will be the ideal first step. Complete the course and you will have gained a solid overview of the different skills you’ll need, along with some valuable advice on setting up your own business. You’ll also be awarded a painting and decorating diploma to impress those future clients.
What Will The Course Cover?
The course covers a variety of topics that focus on the role of a painter and decorator, realistic advice on setting up and running your own business, and more practical topics. These include health and safety topics, the different types of equipment you will use and how to care for and store them, and how to both identify and prepare different wall surfaces. You’ll also master the tricky art of cutting and hanging wallpaper.
Why Invest In This Course?
This course is for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the practical aspects of painting and decorating, and look at what it takes to actually set up and run a small business. With easy to manage modules, set up in a flexible e-learning environment, this is a great investment to fit around your daily life. Whether you are considering adding a new string to your handyman bow, or you’re looking to make a career change into a hands-on profession, this painting and decorating diploma will set you on the right path.
Work through the five easy to manage modules and learn the basics of painting, wallpapering, tiling, and health and safety.
Module one will introduce the profession of painter and decorator, and look further into what they do, and the skills and qualifications needed to work in the industry.
Also cover content on essential tools and equipment, and the most common adhesives used in decorating tasks.
Move on to health and safety in the painting and decorating industry. Get to grips with the various risks you might face, working at height, protective equipment you should use, and how to safely clean up paint.
Start learning the basics of painting and decorating, from identifying different wall surfaces and how to prepare them, to correctly painting windows. You’ll also become familiar with identifying different paints and their uses, and how to correctly paint floors using a variety of materials.
Increase your knowledge of preparing a surface and area to paint, how to prime, and how to correctly apply paint and various paint effects.
Get to grips with the tricky task of cutting wallpaper.
Look into tiling including how to measure, plan, and mark areas, the tools for the job, and how to lay and grout tiles.
Gain practical advice and tips on setting up your own painting and decorating business.
Study anywhere you like, even on the move, you just need a device and internet connection.
Great value flexible e-learning course.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of painting and decorating, and what you’ll need to become a professional.
Online support is available when you need help.
Stand out from the crowd as you apply for work in the industry.
Units of Study
Introduction to Painting and Decorating
Health and Safety in the Painting and Decorating Industry
Painting: The Basics
Painting and Wallpapering
Tiling, and Owning Your Own Business

Course Details

Qualification = Certification from the CPD

Awarding Body = CPD 10 points

Location = Online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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