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There are so many places around the world where you can chat to the locals if you know how to speak Portuguese. In fact, from Portugal and Brazil to Mozambique and Goa, almost 230 million people speak Portuguese, so you’ll definitely have plenty of opportunity to practice this beautiful language.
But whether it’s for travel and leisure, to improve your employment prospects, or purely for pleasure, learning Portuguese will without doubt be one of the most satisfying things you’ll ever do.
Best of all, it’s so easy to learn with Linguaphone that, even if you’ve never spoken Portuguese before, you’ll be putting together phrases and sentences almost before you know it.
Everything you need to know when you’re abroad
Engaging audio lessons will introduce you to everyday situations and scenarios, whilst the bilingual recordings will have you speaking the language within minutes.
This step by step course will teach you to:
  • Respond and communicate when you meet people for the first time
  • Order food and drink
  • Start a conversation and get to know someone
  • Talk about family and friends
  • Find your way around and ask for directions
  • Talk about your home and where you live
  • Hire a car and go sightseeing
Choosing to learn with Linguaphone is the ideal way to take your first steps towards speaking Portuguese with confidence. The course is designed to be easy and enjoyable, following Linguaphone’s popular ‘listen, understand and speak’ methodology.
  • 30 bilingual audio lessons – downloadable in MP3 format
  • A full-colour guide in PDF format which can be downloaded to your laptop or Smartphone
  • A printable vocabulary sheet for ease of use
  • Online study – access your lessons from anywhere in the world
By the end of the course you will have mastered over 500 new words and be able to handle everything from greetings and everyday vocabulary to pronunciation and grammar.
Learning a foreign language is more than just something that will look good on your CV or come in handy when you’re travelling. In fact, research shows that there are far more benefits than you’d imagine:
  • It boosts brain power and sharpens the mind – the techniques needed to learn another language mean people who speak more than one language have keener, more alert minds and are more perceptive than those that don’t
  • It builds self-confidence – mastering a new skill and being able to communicate in a different tongue naturally increases self-confidence
  • It develops the ability to multi-task – learning to switch between two systems of speech enables multilingual people, especially children, to become skilled multitaskers in other areas too
  • It improves memory and other brain functions –the brain is like a muscle. The more it’s used, the better it works
So why not book a Portuguese course today – and say OLÁ to learning an exciting new language?
Units of Study
  • Hello!
  • Please!
  • Do you live in… ?
  • The family
  • Straight on!
  • At home
  • My region
  • It’s superb!

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Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months

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