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Official Adobe Dreamweaver (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme

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If you have ambitions to create your own websites either for work or for pleasure, this great-value tailor-made online package is perfect.You’ll master the many tools of the powerful Dreamweaver web-building software, a world leader in web design thanks to its intuitive nature and the stunning, user-friendly websites it creates.
What Will I Learn?
Starting with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 – Complete Training Programme, you’ll get to grips with making your website idea a reality from planning to confident execution. You’ll go beyond the basics as you work towards testing and actually publishing a website. Next, you’ll tackle Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 – Complete Training Programme where you’ll further your knowledge when it comes to creating stunning websites for work or play. Finally you’ll enhance your new skillset with Adobe Dreamweaver CC – Complete Training Programme. Here you’ll become proficient in building a web design layout and get confident using HTML and CSS styling to create a fully functional and polished website for a sophisticated and media rich result.
Get to grips with everything you need to build a beautiful website with Dreamweaver.
Learn how to set up Dreamweaver and start planning your website.
Find out about handling text and fonts on the web as you create your website before tackling images, rollovers and hotspots.
Harness the power of CSS to produce fantastic results in Dreamweaver.
Learn to design accessible tables.
Discover how to write HTML and CSS.
Get to grips with adding interactivity to your website.
Gain confidence working with templates.
Use your skills to test and publish your website.
Learn to identify your audience needs and create a wireframe in Dreamweaver CS6.
Find out about copyright rules and accessibility options and standards.
Set up a site using Adobe exchange, design consistently, preview your page, maintain page structure, use a horizontal rule, edit for CSS code and plan with a flowchart.
Explore preference options, understand Dreamweaver workspaces and work with the Assets and Files panels.
Learn to edit an existing site and keep your website up to date by conducting technical tests, using basic usability tests, managing assets, links and files, and designing websites to adapt to different devices.
Discover the Dreamweaver CC interface and its settings, tools, preferences and options.
Learn web page layout basics and how to add elements to a page while maintaining functionality.
Find out how to add a navigation menu, create an index page, insert and adapt text, style text, add images and float the images to suit your specification.
Explore how to add pages and link internal pages.
Learn about the uses of headers, metadata and keywords.
Find out how to create a style sheet using CSS.
Master how to integrate audio with the page, use tables within the audio player and incorporate Adobe Flash and HTML5 videos.
Get to grips with the concept of fluid layouts and third party extensions and how to use these fluid layouts effectively.
Enjoy technical support should you run into difficulties.
Innovative, interactive simulations create the feeling of actually using the software.
Glossary and search features enable you to quickly pinpoint knowledge.
Learn from easy-to-access and digest chapters.
Be confident in the very latest Dreamweaver innovations.
The course content is available for 12 months, giving you ample time to complete it.
The courses are packaged to follow on from each other in a logical way, to build on knowledge effectively as you progress.
Ongoing multiple choice assessment means you can test your knowledge as you progress.
Building websites professionally or in your spare time is a much in-demand and CV-boosting skill.
Use the mock test before the exam to be confident of gaining your ACA Dreamweaver accreditation.
Create the website you’ve always dreamed off by signing up to Official Adobe Dreamweaver (ACA) Complete Training and Certification Programme today.

1 review for Official Adobe Dreamweaver (ACA) Complete Training & Certification Programme

  1. Laura

    It’s easy to follow, easy to pause and hold to make notes or re-run parts you don’t understand straight away.

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