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Marketing for Small Businesses

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Marketing will get your business into a position where it is known, a position where you can build awareness, and most importantly, a position where you can start making money for the marketing investments that you make.
Small businesses don’t always have a big budget for marketing, but a big budget doesn’t automatically correlate with success. Therefore, as a small business, doing things a little differently will help your presence to grow, increase results, and allow you to meet business goals while avoiding costly campaigns.
In this course we will help you to understand the essential elements of marketing, how you can create, implement, and review a marketing plan, the right tools and strategy for your business, and how to utilise the Internet and social media to your advantage.
Describe the essential elements of a marketing plan, no matter the size of the business
Apply tools and strategy to create a marketing plan that supports the growth of your small business
Use six steps to create, implement, and review a marketing plan
Leverage the best of Internet and social media marketing
Understand the Internet and social media marketing to help boost ROI for minimal cost.
Manage your campaigns and budgets effectively through create, implementing, and reviewing your own marketing plan.
Implement your knowledge as soon as you finish the course.
The course states that it’s marketing for small businesses, but these strategies and plans can be implemented into organisations of any size.
Transferable skillset through companies in any industry.
Recommended reading list to help you build on the knowledge you were taught in the course.

1 review for Marketing for Small Businesses

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    Yes, the great clarity and carefulness.

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