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ITIL® Intermediate Level – Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA) Training

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Formalise IT service offerings and ensure that key stakeholders know what to expect by implementing ITIL® Service Offerings and Agreements. The ITIL® Intermediate SOA course is essential for IT service managers who need to consistently raise customer satisfaction using a templated process.
The ITIL® Intermediate SOA course will be of particular interest to:
  • IT Operations Managers who need to formalise their existing IT service delivery mechanisms and raise stakeholder trust through the use of transparent service agreements and SLAs.
  • IT service desk managers who need to understand the processes and SLAs by which they are bound to deliver those services.
  • IT consultants tasked with helping clients define and structure service offerings.
  • IT professionals working within the service delivery department who want to improve their skills and employment options.
The ITIL® Intermediate SOA course will help IT professionals improve their knowledge of the ITIL® service lifecycle modules, and give them the skills and experience they need to build and deploy IT service offerings and agreements that meet the needs of their service users without affecting other business goals.
Using a blend of instructor led videos and self-study resources, the ITIL® Intermediate SOA course can be accessed anyplace anytime, to fit in around the student’s existing schedule. End of section tests help participants identify whether they are fully ready to sit the ITIL® Intermediate SOA exams and earn their qualification.
Focusing on the service offerings and agreements elements of the ITIL® framework, the ITIL® SOA course will introduce students to the concepts behind designing service offerings and service level agreements (SLAs), before moving on to more detailed analysis of the procedures and actions and how they fit into the ITIL® library as a whole.
The course then takes students through:
  • Service Portfolio Management – capturing user needs and defining services to match.
  • Service Catalogue Management – tracking and publicising services on offer to users and stakeholders.
  • Service Level Management – negotiating and defining service level agreements, and assigning roles and responsibilities to ensure they are maintained.
  • Demand Management – monitoring service usage and assigning resources as and when required to maintain SLAs.
  • Supplier Management – Integrating third parties into service provision and defining processes that maintain SLAs and service quality.
  • Financial Management for IT services – defining the business value of formalised IT operations, and using insights gained for better budgeting.
  • Business Relationship Management – collecting service user feedback and resolving complaints to raise satisfaction levels.
  • SOA Roles and Responsibilities – defining the human resources required to deliver services, and assigning roles and duties to maintain standards.
  • Technology and Implementation Considerations – Specifying and implementing the technologies required to assist with service provision.
Upon completion of the ITIL® Intermediate COA course, IT professionals will be able to define service operations and agreements that deliver genuine business improvements. Other benefits include:
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction as they receive the service promised in the SLAs.
  • Integration of demand and supplier management with service portfolio and service catalogue to create a more structured service.
  • Documented proof of expertise in planning, implementing and optimising the SOA processes.
  • Detailed understanding on the processes, roles and the functions covered in SOA
  • Improved on-the-job performance and increased employment prospects.
The ITIL® Intermediate COA course and exam are an essential qualification for IT service professionals and managers who want to improve their skills and employment options, or to become more effective in their current roles. The ITIL® COA course is also an essential step towards obtaining the full ITIL® Intermediate certification.
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Units of Study
  • Further Info
  • Course Introduction
  • Service Offerings & Agreements
  • SOA Processes
  • Organizing, Technology & Implementation

Course Details

Qualification = Certificate of Attendance/Completion/Achievement

Location = online

Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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