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Introduction to Baking

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As any brilliant baker will tell you, baking isn’t just fun, it’s got the potential to be a rewarding career too. Business-minded bakers everywhere are turning their talents into successful ventures by opening shops and tea rooms, supplying local cafes or running their cake-baking businesses from the comfort of their own kitchens.
Baking for Beginners – and Beyond!
If you’ve been wowing your friends, family and the local school fete with your cupcake creations and are looking to take your baking to the next level, the five module online Cupcake: Introduction to Baking Course will get you whisking and icing your way to a brand new career in no time. Of course, you might just want to improve your baking skills for fun. Think of all the compliments your professional-grade cakes will get!
With five comprehensive and easy to follow modules – Introduction, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Christmas Cakes and Cake Decorating – you can complete the course over five hours, at a time that suits you. This course is a must if you’re planning to turn your delicious baking aromas into the sweet smell of success.
Learn how to create delicious recipes and hone your baking and decorating skills.
Explore how to market and run your new business, including deciding on a niche that will set you apart from the competition.
Find out how to find the perfect birthday cake recipe for every occasion, and master a variety of delicious fillings.
Learn all about the increasingly popular option of healthier cake recipes.
Expand your decorating skills by practising different types of icing.
Learn how to produce every bride’s dream wedding cake by exploring popular fillings and finding out what you need to ask your wedding client at her initial consultation.
Also learn how to promote your wedding cake service and price it competitively but for profit.
Master the perfect piping technique and learn how to make your own piping bag.
Learn how to create the perfect rosette on your cakes and, once you achieve that, move on to other beautiful embellishments for your cake creations.
Find out about the best methods for stacking your cakes without any last minute mishaps.
Consolidate your existing baking skills and learn more advanced baking and cake decorating skills to boost your confidence in advance of launching your new venture.
Learn the techniques needed to be sure your cakes are of a professional standard, as well as learning all you need to know to get your brand new business up and running.
Boost your income potential by finding your own special niche in your local cake-making market.
Get ahead of the competition by learning what it takes to market your business effectively.
Benefit from online support from our dedicated and friendly team.
Your Cupcake : Introduction to Baking will help you gain client trust as you start to build your business.
Launch yourself in a brand new career that you’re in total control of and can organise around the demands of family and everyday life.
Due to the revival in baking, there’s a huge demand for delicious and beautiful looking cakes. So whether you’re planning to become your town’s cupcake queen, wedding cake whizz or even both, there’s never been a better time to turn a hobby into a money-spinning venture. Sign up today to the Cupcake Academy: Introduction to Baking and bake your way to a fantastic and creative new career.

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Birthday Cakes
Wedding Cakes
Christmas Cakes
Cake Decorating


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