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ICB Affiliate – Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping (Exam Only) (B1, B2, B3)

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Explore the fundamental principles of bookkeeping and gain a professional credential, endorsed by the ICB (The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers). The ICB are the largest bookkeeping institute in the world, and are proud of their globally renowned reputation for maintaining high standards of professional excellence.

Although no prior knowledge of bookkeeping is required to enrol, it is essential that students possess basic numerical skills as this helps to ensure that they reap the full benefit of their studies, and maximises their chances of gaining the Level II qualification. Students have the option to enrol on any week of the year, allowing them to study at a time that suits their schedule.

The exam is the ideal training option for those looking to expand their educational horizons in order to increase their employment opportunities and provide a boost to their earning prospects. The flexible nature of digital learning also means that students are able to gain knowledge and acquire new skills from the comfort of their own office or living room.


The exam consists of the following 3 focus areas:

    1. Paper B1 – Basic double-entry bookkeeping to trial balance
    2. Paper B2 – Further double entry bookkeeping to trial balance
    3. Data entry to trial balance using a computerised accounts package
  • The first 2 assessments are designed to test students’ theoretical and manual knowledge of double entry bookkeeping, while the last assessment is designed to test their practical skills and their ability to apply these skills within a variety of different business models.

Upon successful completion of all 3 assessments, students are able to:

    1. Understand basic bookkeeping terms such as assets, liabilities, VAT etc.
    2. Calculate business documents, including VAT
    3. Make and receive payments
    4. Understand the importance of ethics
    5. Enter cash and credit transactions into a computerised bookkeeping system
    6. Produce a trial balance
    7. Produce accurate reports to the appropriate standard for the purposes of banking and the audit trail etc. and in accordance with industry best practice


  • No prior knowledge or training is required for students to take this exam, although basic numeracy skills are essential.
  • Students have the option to take the 3 online assessments either at home or at their place of work, providing they have internet access.
  • Students who successfully pass all 3 assessments are awarded the Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping, qualifying them to carry out the duties of an employed assistant bookkeeper, providing they do so under appropriate supervision.
  • Upon gaining the full Level II qualification, students also gain the opportunity to upgrade their membership to Affiliate Member of ICB, and have the option to display the following designatory letters, AfICB, after their name.

Course Details

Qualification = Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping

Awarding body = Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Location = Online

Duration = 2/3 hours


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