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How to write the perfect CV

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Catapult your CV to the top of the shortlist with this fantastic online course that teaches you how to craft the perfect CV. As you know, your CV is the one chance you get to pitch yourself for that dream job, and it doesn’t matter how perfect you know you’d be for the role, if your CV doesn’t do a great job of selling your skills and expertise to your potential employer, you won’t even get your foot in the door for the first interview. So whether you’re gearing up to apply for that once in a lifetime opportunity, preparing to land that fresh from college or university position, or addressing the fact that your CV just doesn’t seem to be getting you those all-important interviews, this is the course for you.
Am I Paying For Expert Advice?
In a word – yes! The course is based on research from some of the world’s leading brands including Gillette, Colgate Palmolive, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Disney and more. Leading recruiters were asked two questions – ‘what CVs impressed you most?’ and ‘what CVs did you reject?’ Based on the answers, our best-selling careers authors and owners of successful CV writing services reveal the secrets to creating a trailblazing CV that will leave the competition in the shade.
What Will I Learn?
Our comprehensive course is split into 25 easy-to-follow sections that you can work through at a time and pace that suits you. Free downloadable CV and cover letter templates are included and there’s a guide to powerful words and phrases that have been proven to get your CV shortlisted. And if you’re still not sure whether your CV is ready to send, we also provide free CV appraisal to iron out any last minute niggles. We also teach you to tailor your CV to each specific vacancy you apply for, create an easy system for follow-ups and be ready for telephone screening. Crucially, we also guide you through what NOT to include!
Learn how to create an easy to read yet impressive CV that will increase your chances of landing the job you really want.
Find out how cover letters can make or break your CV.
Learn what the most common CV mistakes are and how to avoid them.
Chronological v functional? Find out what will work best for you.
Master what to put in profile summaries.
Learn how to avoid the all-too-common ‘hobbies and interests’ disasters.
Been travelling the world or bringing up baby? Learn how to deal with gaps in your employment history.
It’s tough out there, so find out how to make sure yours is the CV that stands out.
Tempted to embellish the truth a little? Better watch our section on how recruiters sniff out fibs, exaggerations and downright lies!
What’s the purpose of a CV? Until you seriously consider this question, you can’t write a good one.
Find out how to fill out application forms to show yourself in the best possible light.
Discover what layout, format, font and length will be the best fit for your CV.
To post or to email? Make that decision easier by following our expert advice.
Get savvy with all the words and phrases that will send your CV to the top of the pile.
Find out what research is essential if you want your CV to be a success.
Learn how to blow your own trumpet appropriately with our guide to highlighting achievements.
You won’t believe the crazy mistakes some people make on their CVs. Find out how to not be one of them!
Get to grips with tailoring your CV and how to keeping it updated.
Regretting those wacky Facebook snaps? Find out how to deal with the problems social media can cause.
Find out whether it’s a good idea to enclose a photograph with your application.
Finally, round off your newfound CV expertise by exploring different career stages and their challenges.
Now you’ve got the best CV possible, you can confidently spring into action when an opportunity comes up.
You know you’d be great for the job – whether you get it depends on lots of things, but at least you know your CV is on your side.
Course is recommended by the BBC, Amazon.co.uk, The Daily Mail and more!
Once your CV is complete, get a free appraisal.
Feel completely confident that the CV you’re sending out represents you as you wish to be represented.
Ideal for students taking their first important steps into the world of work.
Want a career change? Present your transferable skills in the most relevant way.
Get a headstart in today’s competitive jobs market – every advantage helps!
During your 6-month package, get any content we add for free. Or sign up for the complete package to receive all new courses free.
Get totally CV savvy today by signing up to How to Write the Perfect CV.

Units of Study
How Cover Letters Can Make or Break Your CV
How to avoid the most common CV mistake
Chronological versus a Functional CV
What to put in Profile Summaries
The Hobbies & Interests Disasters
Dealing with Gaps in your CV
How to Make your CV stand out
How Recruiters Spot Liars
The Purpose of a CV
How to Fill Out Application Forms
What Layout?
Which Formats?
Problems of Email and Posting
How many pages?
Words that get results
What Research is Vital
How to Highlight Achievements
Crazy Mistakes People Make on a CV
How to Keep your CV updated
How to Tailor your CV
Using Online CV’s
Social Networking Problems
Are Photos a Good Idea?
Which Fonts & Sizes?
Career Stages and their Challenges

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Duration = Self paced

Course Access = 12 months


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